Dollar General Robbery similar to City Cases


On Sunday, March 17, 2013, MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE was called to the Dollar General Store on 8865 Moffett Road.  Witnesses say the suspects entered the store around 9:15 pm while the store was still open for business.  The Suspects were wearing masks/ gloves armed with hand guns.   Suspects forced the store clerks to unlock the safe.  They took money from the safe as well as personal items from employees.  Suspects then fled the store.  There is no description of the vehicle.  The suspects are described as ONE WHITE MALE and TWO BLACK MALES.  They were wearing BLUE AND BLACK HOODIE SWEATSHIRTS with BLUE BANDANAS.     The suspects seem to be the same suspects involved in the robbery of a Dollar General Store that occurred in Wilmer on March 9, 2013.  Mobile Police Department has also had three robberies with suspects fitting the same description.


If anyone has any information about this crime, please contact MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 574-8633 or and report it on our website.



Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
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Sheriff Cochran gives update on Murder Arrest


On Friday, March 15, 2013, Sheriff Sam Cochran released details of the investigation which lead to the arrest of BRYAN GIBSON.

On 4-10-2011 Michael Blue Watson was reported missing and was last seen with Bryan Lewis Gibson.


The missing person investigation developed into a murder investigation.


When interviewed on various occasions, Gibson provided inconsistent statements


During the course of the investigation, search warrants were executed and information obtained collaborated witness testimony and disputed statements made by Gibson


The discovery of Watson’s Body last week and forensic evidence gathered at the scene solidified the case against Gibson and a Murder Warrant for his arrest was obtained.


Dental Records were used to positively identify the body and a preliminary examination of the remains revealed an apparent bullet wound to the skull.  Any additional information will not be available until the Department of Forensic Sciences has completed their examination


On March 14, 2013 Bryan Gibson was located and arrested for Murder.


During the course of the arrest, components of a Meth Lab were discovered along with Spice and narcotic paraphernalia


Gibson was booked into Metro Jail charged with Murder and Felony Drug Possession

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Human remains discovered by MCSO identified



14 March 2013


The human remains discovered on Old Pascagoula Rd on March 4, 2013 have been identified as Michael Blue Watson.

Watson was reported missing in April of 2011.

The missing person investigation developed into a murder investigation..

Based on forensic evidence and other investigative information, Bryan Lewis Gibson (W/M 04-04-1985) has been formally charged with Murder.   This evening, investigators were able to locate Gibson and take him into custody.

During the course of the arrest, components of a Meth Lab along with Spice and drug paraphernalia were discovered in Gibson’s vehicle.

Also arrested at the scene was Brandon Wayne Johnson W/M 5-27-1984.

Johnson is facing Felony Drug charges.

Gibson is charged with Murder in addition to Felony Drug Charges as well.


Any additional information that may develop will be made available tomorrow.









Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

MCSO is looking for the owners of stolen property


The photo’s below are pictures of stolen property recovered at a  recent arrest.  If you see property that is yours, please contact the MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, 574-8633.




Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Sheriff Cochran and other Law Enforcement leaders speak out against Senate Bill 286



MARCH 6, 2013



The Sheriff’s of Alabama stand firmly in support of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.  We support the Constitution of the State of Alabama.  We also stand united in our support of the 2nd Amendment.  The founding fathers of our nation established the rule of law and we do not support those that oppose federal law enforcement officers performing their lawful duties.


We have studied proposed legislation, senate bill 286, regarding firearm laws in our State.  We want the citizens of our state to know that these are bad bills and we strongly oppose them for a number of reasons.  These bills will take away the authority of your Sheriff to perform his/her duty to investigate those applying for concealed weapons permits.  The vast majority of our citizens, who apply for permits, are issued one within a very short time.


We recognize and declare that the great majority of people who suffer from mental illnesses are not violent and not a threat to others.  Because of how Alabama laws are written, there are large loopholes in our law that allow those that are mentally ill and violent to lawfully purchase a firearms today.  These two proposed bills would make those loopholes even bigger.  Your Sheriff works every day to keep Alabama Citizens safe and protect the rights of county residents.


We believe that local officials are in the right position to make the best decisions about pistol permits and we need discretion and the flexibility to use our discretion to handle those duties.


Under current law, the only violent mentally ill persons reported to NCIC are those who used a firearm; those who used a knife, vehicle, arson, or other means are not being reported to the NCIC system and can lawfully purchase/own a firearm in Alabama.


Recently in Baldwin County, Al, two deputies were shot, one killed, by a violent mentally ill person who could have lawfully purchased a firearm and under this proposed law would have been entitled to a pistol permit.




  • Will put into law unreasonable penalties for public officials attempting to perform their duties.
  • Will take away rights of property owners to control their private property or places of business
  • Will take away the authority of local government to protect public buildings such as schools, courthouses, and other similar facilities.
  • Will allow radical organizations to come armed to public demonstrations.
  • Will make it easier for criminals to obtain concealed pistol permits.
  • Will take away control from organizations such as churches over firearms being brought into their buildings and properties.


Every day, Alabama law enforcement deals with these types of incidents and we use our lawful discretion to protect our citizens.  Your Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of their county and we understand the laws of the State of Alabama.

To view bill  Bill number 286



Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)