The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is looking for SHANE DANOVAN SINGLETON.  He is wanted for questioning in connection with a missing persons/homicide investigation of MICHAEL BLUE WATSON.  There is an ACTIVE WARRANT for  WATSON of Burglary 3rd degree.  His last known address was 6461 Barnes Road, Theodore, Alabama

If you or anyone you know has information as to the whereabouts of SHANE DANOVAN SINGLETON, Please contact the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office 574-8633.

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Enforcement making a difference with Alcohol Compliance




On March 14, 2012 the Youth Investigations Unit worked jointly with the Alabama A.B.C. Agents in an attempt to locate businesses in Mobile County that were selling alcoholic beverages to underage minors.  In the operation a minor, certified through the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board, was sent into twenty one stores in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. 


The following two stores did not comply with Alabama State Law and sold alcohol to the underage minor:


  1. Cedar Point Pier,  18250 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Dauphin Island, Al.
  2. Coden Grocery, 8481 Hwy 188 Coden, Al.


The following nineteen stores complied with Alabama State Law and did not sell alcohol to the underage minor:


  1. M&D Laundry and Convenience, 7301 Bellingrath Rd. Theodore, Al.
  2. T-Boys BP, 9097 Bellingrath Rd. Theodore, AL.
  3. Chevron, 3565 Laurendine Rd. Theodore, Al.
  4. Fowl River Speedy Mart, 11200 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Theodore, Al.
  5. Port Stop/Citgo, 3210 Hwy. 188 Coden, Al.
  6. Chevron, 1000 Bielville Blvd. Dauphin Island, Al.
  7. Ship and Shore, 401 Lemoyne Dr. Dauphin Island, Al.
  8. Circle K, 1001 Desoto Ave. Dauphin Island, Al.
  9. Jemison’s Bait and Tackle, 168871 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Coden, AL.
  10. Donna’s Grocery, 8631 Hwy 188 Coden, Al.
  11. Vien Dnog, 13875 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  12. Value Express, 13845 Tapia Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  13. Bayou Package Store, 13160 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  14. Bayou La Batre Southern Comfort, 12993-E Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  15. Raceway, 12986 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  16. Bayou BP, 12905 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  17. Donna’s Grocery #2 10510 Padgett Switch Rd. Irvington, Al.
  18. Chevvron / Irvington Food Mart, 9436 Irvington Bayou La Batre Hwy. Irvington, Al.
  19. Palmers Quick Stop, 8175 Hwy 90 Irvington, Al.
Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Two arrested with active meth lab

On March 13, 2012, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence of BRIAN CHESTANG to question him about possible involvement in some burglaries on the North Side of Mobile County.  When Deputies arrived at the location, 2400 block of Red Fox Road, BRIAN CHESTANG along with MARK DOUGLAS were found inside a camper trailer cooking meth.  A one shot lab, also known as “shake n bake”, was found inside the trailer along with other drug paraphernalia.

BRIAN CHESTANG and MARK DOUGLAS were taken to Metro Jail and charged with Trafficking Meth, Unlawful Manufacturing controlled substance 1st degree, and drug paraphernalia.  “These labs are potentially very dangerous”, says Sheriff Sam Cochran, “As we saw the night before last, a house burned to the ground in a matter of minutes.  The “one shot” or “shake n bake” method of cooking requires constant attention.  Once all the ingredients are mixed, the cook has to continuously release the pressure and gases of all the chemicals mixed together.  If they do not, then an explosion will occur and innocent victims could be harmed if they are within the vicinity of the lab.”

The Meth Initiative, designed by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, targets meth users and manufactures through three areas of focus:  Enforcement, Compliance and Education.

There are several ways to report Meth,  text the word “meth” to 839863 (“textme”)call 574-8633, or visit our website go to CRIME TIPS.

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Meth Fire in Eight Mile

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office was requested by Prichard Police to a possible meth fire on Dogwood Trail in Eightmile, Alabama. By the time MCSO Deputies arrived the structure had burned to the ground. Witnesses say they saw an explosion, fire and then someone leaving the scene with burns on his arms. MCSO Narcotic Deputies did locate evidence on the property indicating meth production.

MCSO Narcotic Deputies called all the local hospitals for recent burn victims, but none were found. Further investigation lead the Deputies to a trailer park on Hwy 45 were they found ROBERT KINARD JR. with burns on both arms. KINARD denied participating in manufacturing meth, he said the fire started because of the sausage he was cooking. KINARD does have a previous charge of Possession/sell precursor in 2010. KINARD also gave consent to search his vehicle where Deputies found numerous blister packs of pseudoephedrine and crystallized drain cleaner. BOTH products found in the vehicle are used in the production of meth.

KINARD was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his burns. A warrant will be signed for Possession of Precursor. He will be arrested once he is released from his injuries.

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Blood Drive for CHAD WYNNE

LifeSouth Blood Drive

In Honor Of

Officer Chad Wynne

Blood Drive

LifeSouth Community Blood Center

967 Hillcrest Rd

Saturday, March 10

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Sunday, March 11

12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Nachos, hot dogs and LifeSouth coolers for all donors

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)