The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office wants you to be aware of callers impersonating THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE.  Yesterday, June 13, 2012, a local business man, BILL ARMBRECHT owner of BRICK PIT, received such a call.  The caller identified himself as a MCSO DEPUTY and  informed MR. ARMBRECHT that  one of his employees  had been arrested for DUI.  The caller stated that the bail amount would be $1734.00 and if he did not assist her with bail then she would not be released until June 24, 2012.   The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know that if you have a loved one in the MOBILE METRO JAIL the following should take place;

1.  You will receive a call from your loved one if he/she needs assistance in bonding out of jail

2.  If you need a bonding company, MCSO will ASK YOU which bonding company you would like to do business with and then provide number.

3.  There is NEVER money exchanged over the phone with MOBILE METRO JAIL.

4.  Remember, you may always confirm if your loved one is in Mobile Metro jail by going to our website,, and look at our 24 hour bookings.