On August 07, 2014 MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE along with A.B.C.  Agents, ran alcohol compliance checks in South Mobile County to see if any stores were selling to underage minors.  In the operation a minor certified through the A.B.C. Board was sent into twenty three stores in an attempt to purchase alcohol.  MCSO Deputies reported that ALL twenty-three stores complied with Alabama State Law in NOT SELLING alcohol to a minor.   “We created awareness in this community several years ago that if you sell to an underage person, we will arrest you, make the owner of the establishment pay a hefty fine to the State and if they continue to sell possibly loose their liquor license,” says Sheriff Sam Cochran.”This has made the store owners educate their employees, the employees take responsibility for their actions and Underage Drinkers know that Businesses and Law Enforcement are working together.”


All of the following twenty-three stores complied with Alabama State Law in not selling alcohol to the minor:


  1. ABC Store #87, 6941 Bellingraph Rd.  Theodore, Al.
  2. M&D Laundry and Convenience Store, 7301 Bellingraph Rd.  Theodore, Al.
  3. T-Boys BP, 9097 Bellingraph Rd.  Theodore, Al.
  4. Chevron, 3565 Laurendine Rd.  Theodore, Al.
  5. Fowl River Speedy Mart, 11200 Dauphin Island Pkwy.  Theodore, Al.
  6. Port Stop / Citgo  3210 Hwy. 188  Coden, Al.
  7. Cedar Point Pier, 18250 Dauphin Island Pkwy.  Dauphin Island, Al.
  8. Circle K, 1001 Desoto Ave.  Dauphin Island, Al.
  9. Ship & Shore, 401 Lemoyne Dr.  Dauphin Island, Al.
  10. Chevron, 1000 Bienville Blvd.  Dauphin Island, Al.
  11. Jemison’s Bait and Tackle, 16871 Dauphin Island Pkwy.  Coden, Al.
  12. Donna’s Grocery Store, 8361 Hwy. 188  Coden, Al.
  13. Coden Grocery, 8484 Hwy. 188  Coden, Al.
  14. Vien Dnog, 13875 Wintzell Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  15. Value Express, 13845 Tapia Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  16. Bayou Package Store, 13160 Wintzell Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  17. Bayou La Batre Southern Comfort, 12993 Wintzell Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  18. Raceway, 12986 Wintzell Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  19. Bayou BP, 12905 Wintzell Ave.  Bayou La Batre, Al.
  20. Donna’s Grocery #2, 10510 Padgett Switch Rd.  Irvington, Al.
  21. Chevron / Irvington Food Mart, 9436 Irvington Bayou La Batre Hwy.  Irvington, Al.
  22. Sandie’s Beer & Wine, 9196 Irvington Bayou La Batre Hwy.  Irvington, Al.
  23. Palmer’s Quick Stop, 8175 Hwy. 90  St. Elmo, Al.
Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Late night warrant service nets 7 arrested on drug charges and outstanding felony warrants.





At approximately 11:30 pm, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office responded to 3301 Normandy Drive W. in Semmes to execute an arrest warrant on David Blanton for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  When Deputies arrived, they noticed a strong chemical odor coming from residence.  DAVID BLANTON and four other adults, WILLIAM DUNHAM, LYNN MASON, HEATHER SILVERS and CORY LAMBERT were found inside along with an active Meth Lab.


MCSO Narcotic Deputies arrived at the residence with a search warrant.  Narcotic Deputies also intercepted a phone call from a potential client who was trying to purchase meth from Cory Lambert.  Undercover Narcotic Deputies set up a meeting with the caller at the Chevron Station on Snow/Tanner Williams Road.  Deputies arrested JEREMY DAVID LOVE and KERI NICHOLE JUNKINS for Attempting to commit a Drug Crime.  LOVE was also arrested on five felony warrants; Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia, Obstruction of Justice while using a false identity, Trafficking Methamphetamine, Unlawful breaking/entering a vehicle, Possession/Sell Precursor.  JUNKINS was also charged with possession of a controlled substance (Xanax) and carrying a Pistol without a permit (25 cal pistol).



Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Suga’s Gentlemen’s Club in Eight Mile busted by MCSO



On July 25, 2014, The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at Suga’s Gentlemen’s Club, 4021 St. Stephens Road in Eight Mile, Alabama. Other agencies involved with the search warrant were ABC, DEA, US Marshalls and MPD.

The investigation began months ago with several undercover narcotic buys at the Club. Some of the items seized during search warrant were $4,311.00 cash, (1) .12 gauge shotgun, (8) handguns, $180.00 in counterfeit US currency, Approximately 12 packs of analog marijuana (spice), Marijuana, powder cocaine, prescription drugs, (2) gallons of codeine syrup, an assortment of ammunition and spare magazines for weapons and (5) sets of digital scales.

At this time the investigation is still ON GOING, and we do expect additional arrest. The following is a list of people who were arrested at the time of the search.

Laundale Deandre Williams
Portia Kierra Davis
Danyetta Latra Lacey
Jakobie Rashid Antone
Karleshia Shandrea Hawkins
Charles Wayne Lockett
David D. McBride
Darrius Sales
Jamar Pettway
Laderrick Hopson
Elmore Brown
Sherry Shamburger
Monica Hickenbottom
Natecia Davis
David Daniels

Warrants: 13 Misdemeanor Arrest
7 Felony Arrest

Arrest; 7 Misdemeanor Arrest
3 Felony Arrest






Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Jury Duty Scam

If you get a call about missing jury duty, DO NOT give out any information.
Call 251-574-8400 Mobile County District Attorney’s Office to check and see if they received and/or missed a jury summons.

Warning to NOT send any money or buy any prepaid (Green Dot) Visa cards to give over the phone.

Find details from the FBI link below.


This video shows how the scam works.

Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)

Six people arrested in Gambling Raid



On June 27, 2014, MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE assisted by US MARSHALLS, executed search warrants at two businesses that were involved with illegal gambling.  The search warrants were for KALI’S BAR, 19910 HWY 45 CITRONELLE and CLUB BOO JOE’S, 225 W. COY SMITH HWY.


MCSO and US MARSHALLS seized 21 illegal gambling machines and over $20,00 in gambling proceeds.  Six people were arrested on drug and weapons charges along with several outstanding warrants.  Additional arrests relating to the gambling operations are pending at this time.  The investigation is ongoing.










Lori Myles
Sheriff’s Assistant for Public Affairs
251-574-NEWS (6397)