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***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** At approximately 230 pm, narcotics investigators from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office spotted W/F TARA WEAVER DOB 11/03/1987, at a convenience store located at University and Lott road. Investigators were aware that Weaver had four...
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Felon Warrants Round-Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today, September 27, 2017, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office conducted a warrant round-up as result of a sixth-month investigation with our Undercover Narcotics Unit....
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Son murdered mom and buried her under porch of their home

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE After a 3 month long investigation, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office has found the body of missing person SUSAN MAYO. Yesterday, September 6, 2017, MCSO Detectives went back to the property of Susan Mayo where she was last seen and shared a...
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Purple Paint and what it means to landowners

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE COLOR PURPLE? Most of us are familiar with the “POSTED: NO TRESPASSING” signs that appear throughout the county. Under the former Alabama trespass law, an intruder upon rural, unfenced property was not necessarily a trespasser unless “notice...
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MCSO needs help identifying suspects

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On July 19, 2017, a home on Vickers Road was burglarized and several items were stolen.   The victim stated she returned to her residence between 3 to 5 pm and found that someone had forced their way into her home through the back door.  She also...
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