Yellow Dot

The YELLOW DOT PROGRAM is the first of its kind in the State of Alabama.  The program offers participants a way to give vital information to first responders in the event they are unable to physically or verbally communicate.  It is a FREE service provided to individuals of all ages, however it was created to assist the senior citizen community.

Participants of the program will have their picture taken, complete a personal information form and will be given a Yellow Dot folder and decal.  All of the vital information will be placed into the folder and then into the glove box of their car.

The YELLOW DOT decal will be placed in the lower left corner of the rear window of the participant’s car.  The decal alerts first responders that medical information can be found in the glove compartment.

To schedule a YELLOW DOT representative at your event,  or check out a YELLOW DOT KIT to do your own registering, you may contact MELISSA SHARPE, 574-2403 or to contact by email

Individuals wishing to participate in the YELLOW DOT PROGRAM can sign up at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

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