TODAY, APRIL 18, 2013, The Marshall Fugitive Task Force went to serve a felony warrant to EMILY PENNINGTON, residing at 1267 Carlton Acres East, Mobile.  While attempting to locate PENNINGTON the Marshall’s located an active meth lab.  US Marshalls contacted THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE NARCOTICS UNIT to dismantle the lab.  “Active Meth labs are dangerous and explosive enough but we also found that the cook had lithium strips soaking in Coleman fuel,” said an undercover narcotic deputy.  ” To make matters worse, this was all cooking on the second floor directly above two handicapped adults who were asleep in their beds.”

MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE arrested  MICHAEL EDWARD PAULINI, Manufacturing 1st Degree, Trafficking (Meth);  ELIZABETH WEAVER BYRD,  Violation of Probation warrant and 3 warrants from Creola PD;   CRANDLE EUGENE PYLANT, Child Support warrant and a warrant with Mt. Vernon PD.   KIMBERLY STEWARTis the home owner and caregiver to the handicapped adults.  The fugutive, EMILY PENNINGTON, was not home during the arrest and she is the daughter of KIMBERLY STEWART.   The investigation is ongoing and further arrest are pending.