On March 13, 2012, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence of BRIAN CHESTANG to question him about possible involvement in some burglaries on the North Side of Mobile County.  When Deputies arrived at the location, 2400 block of Red Fox Road, BRIAN CHESTANG along with MARK DOUGLAS were found inside a camper trailer cooking meth.  A one shot lab, also known as “shake n bake”, was found inside the trailer along with other drug paraphernalia.

BRIAN CHESTANG and MARK DOUGLAS were taken to Metro Jail and charged with Trafficking Meth, Unlawful Manufacturing controlled substance 1st degree, and drug paraphernalia.  “These labs are potentially very dangerous”, says Sheriff Sam Cochran, “As we saw the night before last, a house burned to the ground in a matter of minutes.  The “one shot” or “shake n bake” method of cooking requires constant attention.  Once all the ingredients are mixed, the cook has to continuously release the pressure and gases of all the chemicals mixed together.  If they do not, then an explosion will occur and innocent victims could be harmed if they are within the vicinity of the lab.”

The Meth Initiative, designed by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, targets meth users and manufactures through three areas of focus:  Enforcement, Compliance and Education.

There are several ways to report Meth,  text the word “meth” to 839863 (“textme”)call 574-8633, or visit our website www.mobileso.com go to CRIME TIPS.