In November of 2010 We began a program here at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office called THUG TEXT.  This program is designed to take guns out of the hands of convicted criminals, thus the name targeting hoodlums using Guns. We have partnered with two other agencies, U.S. Attorney’s office and ATF, to aid and assist in the arrest and prosecution of these Career Criminals.


Since November we have had the following;

* 78 text

* 54 suspects

*  8 have been arrested on federal gun charges (7 have already plead quilty)

* over 60 guns have been removed from the hands of convicted felons

* we have arrested 5 others on other charges such as outstanding warrants, drugs and domestic violence

* we are currently working on 5 more to introduce to federal grand jury


Reporting by TEXT is fast and safe.  Just text “THUG” to 839863 and we’ll send you directions on how to report a felon with a gun - safely, quietly and confidentially.  If your text leads to an arrest, the MCSO will offer you a 500 reward for your help.  It’s a safe, rewarding way to fight crime.


It’s illegal for a felon to have a gun and making sure these Career Criminals don’t is an important part of fighting crime in Mobile County.