On April 04, 2012 The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office worked jointly with Alabama Beverage Control Agents in an attempt to locate businesses in North Mobile County that were selling alcoholic beverages to minors.  During this operation, a minor certified through the A.B.C. Board, was sent into seventeen stores in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages.  Only THREE out of the SEVENTEEN stores sold to a minor.


The following three stores sold alcohol to the underage minor:


  1. Country Breeze 10135 Lott Road Wilmer Al.
  2. Chevron Compac, 21660 Hwy 45, Citronelle, Al.
  3. BP, 18940 Hwy 43, Mt. Vernon, Al.



The following fourteen stores complied with Alabama State Law in not selling alcohol to the certified minor:


  1. Flower’s Grocery Store, 16141 Hubert Pierce Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  2. Shell D&J #2, 17950 Hwy 45, Citronelle, Al.
  3. Shell, 9515 Lott Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  4. Petro, 19125 Hwy 45, Citronelle, Al.
  5. Jr. Food Mart, 19175 N. 3rd St.  Citronelle, Al.
  6. D&B Quick Stops, 18845 Prine Rd.  Citronelle, Al.
  7. CVS Pharmacy #7668, 19215 N. 3rd St.  Citronelle, Al.
  8. Shell / Citronelle Country Breeze, 19265 N. 3rd St.  Citronelle, Al.
  9. Fletcher Smith Oil, 19415 N. 3rd St.  Citronelle, Al.
  10. Market Place #743, 19500 Hunt St.  Citronelle, Al.
  11. Pride / Deese Korner Variety Store, 19790 3rd St.  Citronelle, Al.
  12. Midway Quick Stop, 3575 Coy Smith Hwy,  Citronelle, Al.
  13. Payless Food Mart, 2045 Coy Smith Hwy,  Mount Vernon, Al.
  14. Shell OC’s, 20270 Hwy 43,  Mt. Vernon, Al.