On September 27, 2011 Mobile County Sheriff’s Office went to 11750 Glenwood Ct., Wilmer, Alabama, for a possible meth lab.  MCSO received an anonymous call about the residence a few days earlier.

When patrol Deputies arrived, Shawn Clay met them in the yard. Mr. Clay took the deputies inside to meet the owner,KATRINA PARKER.  Once inside, deputies smelled a strong odor coming from the back bedroom and notified narcotic deputies.

A partial lab was discovered in the master bathroom.  A “shake and bake” lab was found underneath the trailer and had been cooking for about an hour while deputies where inside trailer.  “ This could have been a very dangerous situation and could have ended with someone if not everyone being killed in an explosion”, said Sheriff Sam Cochran.  “Our deputies, because of their experience and training, were able to prevent a potentially bad situation before it happened.


Deputies arrested three people at the residence, LISA GLOVER, KATRINA PARKER AND SHAWN CLAY.  All three were taken to Metro Jail.

MCSO patrol deputies said when they first arrived at the residence a man was sleeping on the porch but when he saw the deputies he ran leaving his pants and boots behind.

The meth initiative, designed by the Mobile County Sheriff’s office, targets meth users and manufactures through three areas of focus:  Enforcement, Compliance and Education.

To report Meth, text the word “meth” to 839863 (“textme”) or call 574-8633.