On Friday, October 14, 2011, Governor Bentley signed an executive order allowing law enforcement agencies to seize synthetic marijuana commonly known as “spice” and “K2.”  Our Deputies began immediately acting on that order and seizing hundreds of packets from local stores.


Synthetic Marijuana has been a growing trend over the past couple of years, it is unregulated and very dangerous.  It is basically some common herbs sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals that users smoke to get high. This has become a huge money making venture at several stores in our local area. Yesterday, we received a tip of a store in Prichard selling the substance.  Within the hour our undercover narcotic deputies seized over 200 packets from the store that had been reported.


For more information about this drug I have provided a link that describes what it is, what it looks like and what we “know” to be some of the side effects.  Go to http://alcoholism.about.com/od/tipsforparents/a/legal_bud.htm.  If you have any information about a store or person selling, go to our main page on our website, www.mobileso.com and click on “Report a Crime”.  The information given is confidential.  If you would rather report by phone, call 574-8633.


Beginning October 24, 2011, it will be ILLEGAL to sell or posses fake pot.  If you are caught selling it or in your possession, you will be charged with a felony.