Austin Saunders, a senior at Baker High School, has contacted the MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE to partner in a “DRUG DROP OFF DAY”.   The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office runs their own year round program called  “OPERATION MEDICINE CABINET”.  This program gives the citizens of Mobile County a convenient and environmentally safe way to dispose of their unwanted and expired prescription drugs.  In recent years, prescription and over the counter medications (OTC) are fast becoming a dangerous part of teenage gatherings.  “Pharm Parties” are more common as kids experiment & use prescription and OTC drugs to get high.  A survey of teenagers by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America found that 1 in 5 teens has tried vicodin - a powerful, addictive narcotic pain reliever, 1 in 10 has tried oxyContin - a prescription narcotic, 1 in 10 has used stimulant Ritalin or Adderall for nonmedical purposes and 1 in 11 teens have admitted to getting high on cough syrup.  “Many- particularly teens - believe prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs because they are prescribed by a healthcare provider and sold behind the counter,” says Sheriff Sam Cochran, “therefore they do not look at themselves as drug addicts because they did not purchase them in a dark alley from a drug dealer.”

The Drug Education Council sponsors the RED RIBBON COMMUNITY PROJECTS  and asked students from Baldwin and Mobile County to participate.   The concept was to  “Be Your Own Superstar”.  Students were asked to go to their own communities, churches and schools, and lead a program that would build self-esteem, teach a skill or otherwise empower people to live drug free.  Austin Saunders chose to partner with the MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE to create awareness with his peer group of the dangers of prescription drugs.

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, Austin has arranged and scheduled a “Drug Drop-Off Day” at the MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, located at THEODORE OAKS, 5808 US HIGHWAY 90 W.  To support Austin with his community Project you may drop off your unwanted and expired prescription drugs from 9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM.

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