Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran has teamed up with Thomas “Moose” Praytor to promote the highly successful text programs of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. “Advertising, marketing and public relations play an important roll with our Text Programs,” says Sheriff Sam Cochran.  “This is how we create awareness about them in our community.”
The Meth Text Program began in 2008.  The Meth Initiative targets meth users and manufactures through three areas of focus:  Enforcement; e-mail alerts and databases allow law enforcement to immediately act on tips, Compliance; a computerized pharmacy system tracks purchases of ephedrine/pseudoephedrine, and Education; advertising and marketing materials that boost results while educating the public.
In November of 2010, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office introduced THUGTEXT, (Targeting Hoodlums Using Guns) as their latest program in fighting Crime.  “It is illegal for a felon to have a gun,” says Sheriff Cochran.  “ Making sure they abide by that law is a very important part of fighting crime in Mobile County.”
If your text leads to an arrest, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office will offer you a $500 reward for your help.  It is a safe, quiet and confidential way to report a crime.
For more information on METHTEXT or THUGTEXT go to our website

Max Force Racing started in 1998 with Tommy Praytor becoming one of Mobile International Speedway’s oldest rookies at 37 years old.  The team grew and success quickly followed.  Tommy’s son, Thomas (Moose) caught the racing bug and joined Max Force Racing.
Since its inception, Max Force Racing has won a State Championship, a track Championship, 3 US Army Rookie of the Year titles and over 70 wins.  Sponsors for Max Force Racing are Ken Stabler’s Legend Cellars Wine and G-Force Racing Gear the moose is loose. To follow the races go to