On August 9, 2013, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office was requested to assist the Citronelle Police Department with a suspicious death investigation. In the early morning of August 9, the body of Alton Starnes was found near 19145 Prine Road in Citronelle.  An autopsy has been conducted on Starnes which confirmed signs of strangulation.  The only property located at the scene was Starnes’ cell phone.


On August 10, 2013 MCSO arrested “Lenny” Arthur Leonard Gibbs III: DOB-10/6/1977 and “Meat” Demetrius Ringold: DOB- 7/3/1978 for the murder of Alton Starnes.  Ringold told Detectives that he, Gibbs and Starnes had met late in the evening of August 8.  The three men got into an altercation, Ringold and Gibbs strangled Starnes and threw his body on the side of Prine Road.  Prior to being thrown out, Starnes’ money ($200-$250), shoes, and ID were taken from him.  Ringold confessed to MCSO detectives and took them to the location where some of the victim’s personal belongings had been discarded.
“Lenny” Arthur Leonard Gibbs III: DOB-   10/6/1977 (ARRESTED-MURDER)
“Meat” Demetrius Ringold: DOB-   7/3/1978 (ARRESTED- MURDER)