On July 19, 2017, a home on Vickers Road was burglarized and several items were stolen.   The victim stated she returned to her residence between 3 to 5 pm and found that someone had forced their way into her home through the back door.  She also found several items that were removed from the inside and left on the back porch.   Several items listed as stolen by the victim; 12 pocket knives, 6-8 stained glass lamps, statues, antique camera equipment, antique camera and miscellaneous jewelry.  The victim stated that she found most of the antique items at Lovelace Antiques on Lott Road.   The owner of Lovelace Antiques provided the photos attached.

If you can identify these two in the photos, we would love to give them a tour of our “antique” facility, aka metro jail.  We have antique steel doors from the 1200’s…aka men’s barracks.    We are eager to speak with them, so If you could provide their identity, we would really appreciate it.  You may reach us by phone, 251-574-8633 or you can do so anonymously,   #wannabeantiquedealers #forgottosmileforcamera