February 10, 2013, MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE received a call from Washington County Sheriff’s Office requesting assistance with a Burglary case.  MCSO dispatched Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators to assist with the case.
A number of potential leads were followed over a two day period and during the course of the investigation Matt Walker was developed as a possible suspect.
February 12, 2013, MCSO Detectives were conducting surveillance on Walker in the area of Rochester Place in Mobile.  Detectives observed Walker carrying what appeared to be several firearms. Walker was confronted and several firearms from the Washington County Burglary were recovered.  The firearms had recently had the serial numbers removed so Walker was arrested on five counts of Receiving Stolen Property and five counts of Possessing a Firearm with an Altered Serial Number.  Walker was then booked in Mobile County Metro Jail.
February 14, 2013, MCSO and Washington County Detectives executed search warrants at Walkers residences on Jeff Hamilton Road.  Several items of evidence were recovered believed to have been used in the Burglary.
February 15, 2013, MCSO and Washington County Detectives conducted follow up searches at Walkers  residence and other locations.  Detectives recovered a large number of gold and silver coins, reported to be valued at approximately $30,000, and approximately $27,900.00  The case is ongoing and additional leads are being pursued.