On September 11, 2012, at approximately 10:00 pm , the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting located at Waxton Road/Tom Waller Road Grand Bay. The victim (B/M Terry Birdsong, DOB: 09-03-1960) was transported to Infirmary West Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The victim suffered two gunshot wounds (one in the lower neck and one in the left side abdomen). The incident was called in to 911 by B/M Seth Stallworth (DOB: 10-12-1986) who also identified himself as the shooter.
Seth told investigators that he and his cousin (B/M Wilbert Peyton, DOB: 11-09-1981) were sitting outside his (Wilbert Peyton) residence near the intersection of Waxton Road/Tom Waller Road when Terry Birdsong walked up near their location. Seth said that Terry asked if he was “Pete” and pulled a handgun out from behind him. Seth stated that when he noticed Terry had a handgun he immediately pulled his gun out (.380 caliber handgun) and began shooting 4-5 times as he was running from the area. Seth told investigators that he believed he had struck Terry but was unsure. Seth stated he ran into the wooded area behind his cousin’s residence  and called the Sheriff’s Office. The suspect’s cousin (Wilbert Peyton) was also interviewed and gave consistent statements. The handgun belonging to the victim is a Browning 9mm which was recovered loaded.
 The case is still under investigation and will be presented to the Grand Jury.