The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by MCSENT to assist with cleanup of a meth lab at 7239 Broadview Dr. in Theodore.

MCSO Narcotic Deputies who are trained in Hazardous cleanup, found a working meth lab within the home.  Deputies also found over 40 grams of meth (cooked) that MCKIBBEN and MOODY had finished.

LIA MARIE MCKIBBEN and STEVEN MOODY were arrested for manufacturing controlled substance 1st degree and trafficking methamphetamine.  Both were taken to Mobile Metro Jail.

The Meth Initiative, designed by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, targets meth users and manufactures through three areas of focus:  Enforcement, Compliance and Education.

To report Meth, text the word “meth” to 839863 (“textme”) or call 574-8633.