On Thursday, August 9, 2012, MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE special operations Deputies stopped a car in I-10 near the 3 mile marker for a traffic violation.  The Driver, CARL JENKINS, and passenger, MUSA KOROMA, stated they were going to Mobile from Gulfport, MS. to buy rims and tires.  MCSO K-9 unit was called the location and K-9 alerted on the vehicle.  Deputies opened the trunk of the car to find a black leather bag containing cotton balls, a baggie of white powder and brown glass bottle of unknown liquid and two stacks of black paper which were the same size as currency.


While Deputies interviewed the subjects the investigation revealed that the subjects were involved in ‘BLACK MONEY” scams.  The top bills in each stack were $20.00 and the next two bills were $100.00, while the remainder of the stack was black cardboard paper.  The currency was coated with a mixture of iodine, glue and water, which put a black coating on the currency.  The liquid in a water bottle found in the car was a mixture of crushed vitamin C and water.  The vitamin C & Water solution was put on the cotton balls and used to remove the black substance from the currency, giving the impression that all the paper was currency.


Both JENKINS and KOROMA denied ownership of the black bag or it’s contents and were released.  The case is pending and still under investigation at this time.