Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Honors Banquet

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Honors Banquet

Paul Burch, Sheriff


Invocation… Chaplain Phillip Snodgrass

Presentation of Colors… MCSO Honor Guard

Pledge of Allegiance

Presiding… Lori Myles

2023 Honors



Capt. Jason Arendall

Lt. Pat White

Sgt. David Smith

Sgt. Johnny Miller

Sgt. James Gazzier

Cpl. Glenn Gazzier

Cpl. Phillip Stewart

Cpl. Tim Tomazewski

Deputy Clint Law

Deputy John Silcox

Deputy Curtis Renfroe

Deputy Johnathan Rivers

Deputy Jantzen Ward

Deputy Justin McCullough

Deputy An Ngo

Deputy Johnathan Calametti

Deputy Marshal Hodge

Deputy Jen Chisholm

Deputy Alex Olivier

Deputy Eric Blackwood


Lt. John Spivey

Cpl. Lonnie Parsons, Jr.

Deputy Sarah Percy

On May 19, 2023, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team was activated along with negotiators, to assist Civil Deputies attempting to execute a WRIT from Probate court.  The person who was to receive this order from the court, refused to comply with Deputies and stated that he was not coming out of his home and armed himself with a 12 gage shotgun and a 9 mm pistol.  During the (6) hour standoff, the suspect fired over 48 rounds at or in the direction of deputies while they were performing their duties as members of the SWAT team.  Negotiators diligently tried for hours to talk him into surrendering while he was intoxicated and difficult to deal with.  At the end of the six hour standoff, he finally gave into Negotiators request and decided to surrender but not before being struck by two rounds of less lethal munitions and a continuous cycle of chemical agents.

The actions of SWAT Deputies and Negotiators on May 19, 2023 were no less than courageous in nature.  While rounds were being fired in or at their direction they remained calm and professional and continued to perform their duties as they were trained.  It took everyone involved to work as a team to create the final outcome and to end this incident without serious injury or the loss of life.  These men and women are professionals in every sense of the word and are deserving of the Meritorious Unit Award.  They represent the Sheriff and his office in all the it represents…Honor, Integrity, & Service.



Sergeant John Cassidy

Corporal Paul Pitzulo

Deputy Shaun Gray

Deputy Joseph King

Deputy Antony Gates

Deputy Nathaniel Kersten

Deputy Luigi Popolla

Deputy Chathan Yarlagadda

During 2023, 200 Charlie Squad (south), under the leadership of Sgt. John Cassidy and Cpl. Paul Pitzulo, had a total of 750 calls that required reports, 1,936 call for service, and 2, 686 calls for service that required a backing unit.  The accumulated 151 total arrests, including 66 felony arrests, 128 misdemeanour arrests, and 10 violation arrests, and executed 332 warrant arrests. Charlie Squad recovered/confiscated and/or seized $652,169.00 worth of property and seized over $6,656.00 in total worth of narcotics.

200 Charlie Squad (south) has received numerous accolades from other divisions in the MCSO.  Their attention to detail in report writing, and going over and above is needed in cases that will be forwarded to other divisions  and is greatly appreciated by Detectives.  This squad also leads the Sheriff’s Office in the implementation of the FTO program, as well as, leading the Sheriff’s Office in training its deputies to improve the quality and service rendered to the citizens of Mobile County.

Congratulations 200 Charlie Squad south for your ability to demonstrate assertiveness and the proactive work you have done for the Citizens of Mobile County.



Sergeant Latistia Hamilton

Corporal John Ellison

Corporal Kevin Nelson

Corrections Officer Travis Crum

Corrections Officer Jessicia Johnson

Corrections Officer Ronni Williams

Every Monday through Friday, and sometimes on the weekends,  a member of the Metro jail Transportation Team is safely, securely and professionally transporting an inmate or inmates to their destination.  This past year, whether by Bus, van or SUV, the Transportation Team has insured and guaranteed the completion of every mission asked of them.  They have completed hundreds of transports whether local, county to county, or state to state.  When an inmate has been requested to stand before a Judge in Circuit, District, or Municipal Court, it is Transportation that ensures the seamless transition from 4550 St. Emanuel to 205 Government street.

After the Dallas County Jail in Selma, Alabama was destroyed by a tornado, the inmates were spread across the State of Alabama.  A large group of “high profile” inmates were assigned to come to Mobile Metro Jail from Montgomery County Jail.  The Transportation Team, escorted by the MCSO Special Ops unit and deputies, successfully and safely transported 21 male inmates, mostly charged with Murder, to Metro Jail without incident. Congratulations Metro Jail Transportation Team for receiving the Sheriff’s Unit Award


Sergeant Julie McGuire

Deputy Andrew Frost

Deputy Cameron Sheffield

The ICAC Unit  stands for Internet Crime Against Children.  This Unit is the front line of defense for child pornography and pedophiles.  They gather and develop intelligence with online predators.  Once that is completed on a suspect, a search warrant is executed to collect evidence and build the case for prosecution.

Here are the stats for ICAC this past year;

413 cyber tips

384 cyber tips closed

29 cyber tips currently open

5 peer to peer cases

5 cases adopted from other agencies

67 knock and talks

48 electronic Search warrants

15 residential search warrants

18 suspects arrested

115 felony charges

8 victims identified

4 of the suspects arrested were already registered sex offenders.

Congratulations Sgt. McGuire, Deputy Frost and Deputy Sheffield for receiving The Sheriff’s Unit Award.



Throughout the year of 2023, Deputy Emmons has demonstrated outstanding investigative abilities, strong leadership among her peers and unwavering dedication to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and citizens of Mobile County. In her six months with CID N, she has recovered over $280,000.00 in stolen property, handled 121 cases with a 61.54% year to date clearance rate, made 22 felony arrests, and faced over 25 felony charges.  Deputy Emmons has been recognised as Deputy of the month TWICE in 2023 for the months of August and October. Congratulations Deputy Emmons for your Award of Excellence


Deputy Renfroe is assigned to the Special Operations Unit.  He is an active member of the k9 unit, Black Hats Honor Guard and SWAT.  Deputy Renfroe also made himself available for training as a drone operator and became a member of that unit after his training was complete. His duties in SWAT included high risk tracking and apprehension of dangerous wanted persons.  As a drone operator he was often “on call” for missing person or similar searches.  As a k9 handler, he is required to search for fugitives in any type of weather conditions and be available to do sweeps at Metro Jail for contraband.  The amount of continuous training for these positions stated above are unimaginable for one person, however Deputy Renfroe attended every course and welcomed a new baby girl into his family this past year. Congratulations Deputy Renfroe for your Award of Excellence.


In 2023, Corporal Stewart has exemplified through his actions, leadership and professionalism with the high standards regarded by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  Corporal Stewart’s current capacity within the Sheriff’s Office is the supervisor over the k9 unit. Cpl Stewart has not only excelled as a k9 handler with a total of nine k9 apprehensions this past year; ranging from fleeing/barricaded felons to suspects involved in vehicle pursuits and involvement in dangerous narcotics and weapons activity.  Cpl Stewart and his k9 partner Lorr, have seized over fifty-five thousand dollars in US currency stemming from the sales and trafficking of illegal narcotics along with multiple seized weapons.  Cpl. Stewart is also over the Crime Suppression Unit, a team leader on the SWAT team and a member of MARTAC.  Cpl. Stewart is the shining example to which all deputies should hold themselves to be .  The countless hours of hard work he has dedicated to this profession and the professional tenacity in which he executes his duties daily is a testimate to the passion he has for this job and all the many hats he wears for our office.  Congratulations Corporal Stewart for your Award of Excellence


Corporal Lonnie Parsons was assigned to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit after being a member of the Youth Investigations Unit and faced the challenges and complexities of the cases handled by the Special Investigations Unit head on.  Corporal Parsons demonstrated a willingness to engage in these complex investigations when others would shy away, providing detailed reports of his investigations.  Within 2023, Corporal Parsons investigated sixty-six (66) cases which ranged from the mundane everyday financial crimes to the peculiar cases of cock-fighting.  All cases assigned to Cpl. Parsons have been closed, yielding seventy five (75) felony arrests, three (3) misdemeanour arrests and thirteen (13) citations issued.  Cpl Parsons is a valuable asset to our agency and the citizens of Mobile County.  His attention to detail, work ethic and willingness to help others should be recognised and applauded by his superior and emulated by his peers.  Congratulations Cpl. Parsons for your Award of Excellence



Corporal Jeffrey Hilburn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  With over 16 years of service with MPD, he has perfected his skills in various areas of law enforcement, including patrol, special operations, and detective work.  His dedication to serving and protecting the community is evident in his long-standing career in law enforcement.  As a valued member of the Sheriff’s Office since 2018, Corporal Hilburn continues to demonstrate his commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of all residents in Mobile County.  During 2023, Cpl. Hilburn was assigned 185 cases with 29 felony arrests plus a multitude of felony and misdemeanour warrants signed.  Last year he recovered nearly $200,000.00 in stolen property and his impressive track record of solving cases and making significant arrests demonstrates his exceptional skills a s an investigator.  Congratulations Corporal Hilburn for your Award of Excellence


On March 3, 2023, Deputy Rafman Cotten along with fellow deputy attempted to pick up a wanted suspect with five felony warrants and one misdemeanour warrant at a residence located on Maple drive.As they approached the residence on foot, the suspect was outside the residence and attempted to flee through the back yard.  Deputy Cotten gave chase on the left side of the yard as another Deputy gave chase from the right. As suspect approached a wooden fence in his back yard, he produced a taurus 9mm semi automatic handgun.  Deputy Bass was assisting and fired his own weapon, striking the suspect several times.  Deputy Cotten moved in and secured the weapon and suspect as Deputy Bass covered him. Deputy Cotten then turned his attention to a second suspect that was in the front yard at the time of the foot chase and secured him as well.  Deputy Cotten’s instinctual response to the intense situation should be commended and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  Congratulations Deputy Cotten for your Award of Excellence.


Deputy Joshua Pounds implemented a program called the GREAT program with Mobile County Public School at the beginning of September in 2023.  The GREAT Program (Gang Resistance Education and Training) is a teaching program for Elementary and Middle School students.  Deputy Pounds was previously at the MPD were he became certified and implemented the program on their behalf with Mobile County Public School System.  Deputy Pounds began the GREAT program on behalf of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office with Pearl Haskew Elementary School. It was taught to approximately 95 children and was a Hugh success.  From April 2023 through December 2023, Deputy Pounds has successfully completed the GREAT Program in seven (7) schools with a total of approximately 585 students.  Deputy Pounds has continued the GREAT Program from January 9, 2024, through April 4, 2024, at six additional schools with approximately 545 students completing the program.  Congratulations Deputy Pounds for your Award of Excellence.


In January of 2023, Sgt. Rosier met with Captain Smith about new leadership for the MCSO Honor Guard Unit.  Sgt. Rosier was a current member of the Honor Guard Unit and had been for the last year.  If you know Sgt. Rosier, then you know what happened next.  He renamed the Unit, “Black Hats” and began building his team.  At the time that Sgt. Rosier took over the Honor Guard unit, there were only three active members.  In less than one year, the unit has grown to (17) seventeen members.  They have been outfitted with new uniforms and ceremonial rifles to be used during events, and have implemented a monthly training regime.  The Black Hats Unit is a volunteer unit that does not receive any supplement pay or any overtime during their required training sessions. Sgt. Rosier was also instrumental in helping to develop an outreach program with area public schools.  During this program, the Black Hats meet with and help train the area schools Color Guard units.  Sgt. Rosier also started a foundation to assist with funding for schools who are not able to afford the uniforms and equipment for a Color Guard.  Congratulations Sgt. James Rosier for receiving an Award of Excellence from Mobile County Sheriff’s Office


Corporal Evans has been a dedicated Corrections Officer for over 8 years.  This past year Cpl. Evans was assigned as the clinic Officer.  As you can imagine, the clinic is a very active area of the jail that requires vigilance, patience, control and the ability to multi-task. Cpl. Evans ensured the ebb and flow of upwards of 120 inmates a day, Monday through Friday.  Here is an example of her attention to detail, on September 27, 2023, Cpl. Evans was entering the 405 building gathering and restraining inmates that she needed to escort to the clinic.  Cpl. Evans heard screaming and yelling coming from one of the wedges.  An inmate had tied a sheet around his neck and to the top tier railing attempting to hang himself by jumping over.  Cpl. Evans swiftly responded to the area and ran up the steps as other inmates were struggling to keep him from jumping.  The quick reaction by Cpl. Evans helped save a life on that day.  She is hard working, self motivating, and a true inspiration for other officers to follow.  Congratulations Corporal Evans for your Award of Excellence.


Lt. Keenisha Wallace is a valuable asset to the Metro Jail as she supervises 72 staff members that hold a variety of positions including, docket, visitation, records/classification, transportation, inmate work supervisors, the retiree program, cadets & the court administrator.  Lt. Wallace has a strong reputation for leadership, structure, and organizational skills as she continues to motivate, train and encourage her peers.  She is a leader that arrives early and will not leave until the job is done.  Most of all, Lt. Wallace is an excellent supervisor.  She is dependable and the most consistent as she is frequently called upon to execute difficult tasks in order to protect the integrity and best interest of the organization.  It is because of her thoroughness and exceptional knowledge of her duties that Lt. Wallace continues to remain successful in her position.  Congratulations Lt. Wallace for your Award of Excellence


Sgt. Topping is a 10 year veteran with Mobile Metro Jail.  He is the definition of dependability and consistency at Metro Jail with his team.  He has proven to his superiors that they can call on him for any situation knowing they will get positive results and solutions.  Sgt. Topping assisted with the secure transport of 21 high profile inmates form Montgomery County Jail to the Mobile Metro Jail. All 21 were transported to their temporary homes without incident.  Another example of Sgt. Topping’s leadership was when he received a tip that an inmate had a hand cuff key.  Acting on this information and sending through his chain of command, a shakedown was conducted and that led to not only the discovery of the key, but the confiscation of several makeshift weapons, better known as shanks.  Sgt. Topping is an asset and a leader with Mobile metro Jail.  Congratulations Sgt. Topping for your Award of Excellence


Corporal Mustafa Taha is another example of a valuable asset to the Mobile County Metro Jail.  Cpl. Taha has been assigned to the docket room since 2020. Cpl. Taha is a member of the SRT or Special Response Team.  On January 16,2024 Cpl. Taha showed his compassion skills with one of the inmates that suffer from Mental health issues. The mentally ill inmate had been moved to special housing because of head lice.  The lice had embedded themselves in the inmates beard and hair.  He needed to be shaved, but because of his mental issues would refuse to do so.  Cpl. Taha gained the inmates trust by explaining to him that if he allowed his hair and beard to be cut, the lice would go away much quicker and he could return to his former cell.  Cpl. Taha, because of his working station, has retrieved plenty of knives and contraband from inmates as they come through the docket room. Congratulations Cpl. Taha for receiving the Sheriff’s Award of Excellence.


Corrections Sergeant Johnny Pugh has been with Mobile County Metro Jail for approximately 22 years.  During that time he has worked throughout the jail in various areas and is currently assigned as a security Sgt.  Sgt. Pugh looks for ways to make the jail a safer place for all,  Corrections Officers as well as Inmates.  On July 25, 2023, Sgt. Pugh responded to a code 80, which is a medical emergency and assisted in saving the life of an inmate by doing chest compressions until Medical arrived.  Sgt. Pugh frequently volunteers and contributes his time, effort and money towards building the morale of staff members.  He prepares meals, serves the meals and helps to organise team building activities for all shifts. Sgt. Pugh has actively served on the Security Response Team (S.R.T.) for 19 years and has been instrumental in developing and implementing the training that takes place on the team.  Congratulations Sgt. Pugh for your Award of Excellence.



Deputy Owen Bradley took on the task of being our new MCSO SORNA Deputy.  Over the course of last year, 2023, Deputy Bradley has had the responsibility of maintaining compliance, address verifications, and investigating any possible offender violations on the 978 registered Sex Offenders within Mobile County.  Deputy Bradley investigated over 180 instances of potential non compliance involving Sex Offenders during the year that has resulted in over 200 warrants being signed for non compliance.  Deputy Bradley has done an admirable job in maintaining his responsibilities with fewer resources due to staffing and budgetary constraints.  Deputy Bradley is a dedicated, driven, and passionate individual who takes pride in his work and strives to achieve the goals set by his supervisors and the MCSO.  Congratulations to Deputy Bradley for receiving the Sheriff’s Commendation.


Sergeant Jonathan Kelley leads a team in investigating property crimes, juvenile violations, as well as Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) and his supervisors say he does a phenomenal job.  Sgt. Kelley has taken on projects large and small all while trying to increase the efficiency of his unit, build community relationships, and make sense of the changing data that is flowing to the Sheriff’s Office on a daily basis such as crime mapping trends, crime tips, etc.  Because of Sgt. Kelley’s great work ethic and keen sense of duty, he is often chosen to be a part of multiple CID investigations.  These include some instances of domestic violence investigations as well as incidents that involve sex crimes.  Sgt. Kelley has been and continues to be instrumental in several incidents that resulted in the recovery of stolen property and the apprehension of several wanted felons.  Congratulations Sgt. Kelley for receiving the Sheriff’s Commendation.


Corrections Sergeant Christina Norwood is a newly promoted Sgt. with Metro Jail and is a valuable asset to the Metro Jail Docket Room.  Sgt. Norwood has contributed to the excellent running of the Docket area as a Corporal and continues to do so even more now that she is a Sergeant.    She is a leader and helps not only with her shift but other shifts as well.  She is a member of the Security Response Team (SRT) and has been instrumental in the location of contraband on many occasions.  As most of you know, when you work the docket room you are not witnessing people at their best.  However, Sgt. Norwood treats everyone with respect, therefore the inmates reciprocate.  That is why someone like Sgt. Norwood continues to be placed in the position she is in.  Her wealth of knowledge is an asset.  Congratulations Sgt. Norwood for receiving the Sheriff’s Commendation.


Corrections Officer Tylisa Burchette is a leader and has made invaluable contributions to the Mobile County Metro Jail and her team.  Her specialty is locating and confiscating contraband BEFORE it enters the jail and general jail population.  One day last year, within a two hour time span, she found illegal drugs on three arrestees.  Preventing contraband in the jail for obvious reasons is top priority.  CO Burchette is a member of the SRT (Security Response Team), where she brings her exceptional skills and commitment to effectively respond to critical situations within the jail.  Her supervisors state that one of the most commendable traits is her eagerness to embrace challenges and seek opportunities for growth.  She fearlessly tackles new tasks and actively seeks out additional responsibilities to expand her skill set. Her courage, motivation, perseverance, and hard work are truly commendable and serve as a testament to her dedication to excellence.  Congratulations CO Tylisa Burchette for receiving the Sheriff’s Commendation. 


Sergeant Tim Anderson returned to Patrol Division in April of 2023 after serving in the Criminal Investigation Division.  Upon his return to Patrol Division, Sgt. Anderson possessed two highly sought after traits for a management position; 1. The ability to genuinely communicate with his subordinates and the general public  2. The capability of being immediately accessible when contacted by his supervisor, whether on duty or off duty.  It is not often that citizens take the time out of their day to write the Sheriff about a positive experience that they have with a member of MCSO, but Sgt. Anderson received several in 2023 and here is an example of one citizen in Citronelle.  A business owner from Citronelle who operated within a high crime area, said she frequently felt unsafe and that she would be robbed.  Sgt. Anderson responded to her place of business and stated he would send a close patrol during her peak season so that she and her customers felt safe.  The business owner stated every time she watched her surveillance camera she saw the patrol Deputies riding by her business and she knows their presence was the reason she experienced no issues during her peak season.  Congratulations Sgt. Anderson for receiving the Sheriff’s Commendation.



Sgt. James Rosier

Deputy Daryl Bogle

Deputy Marshall Hodge

Deputy Sarah Percy

Corrections Officer Phillip Robinson

Sgt. Chedereick Thomas

Corrections Officer Shaw Dent, Sr.

Corporal Bryant Kimbrough

The Black Hats during 2023 have participated in 47 events in their first year and this is a volunteer unit that does not receive any supplement pay or any overtime during their required training sessions.  Here were some of the activities they participated in;

* 5 line of duty Death Services for three different agencies

* 15 other funeral services (military and retired MCSO personnel)

* 1 full Honor Guard Service for Governor Kay Ivey in Montgomery Al

12 civic events

13 School outreach programsCongratulations “Black Hats” for receiving the Community Spirit Award and representing us so well in our Community.



On March 3, 2023, Deputy Gregory Bass and Deputy Cotten attempted to pick up a wanted suspect with five felony Warrants and one misdemeanour warrant at a residence on Maple Drive in Mobile.  As they approached the residence on foot, the suspect was outside the residence and attempted to flee through the backyard.  Deputy Bass observed the suspect running and began chasing him.   As the suspect approached a wooden privacy fence in backyard, he produced a Taurus 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.  At least one round was fired by suspect.  Reacting to the imminent threat to his and Deputy Cotten’s lives, Deputy Bass Drew his own handgun and fired several rounds at the suspect striking him in the head and right thigh.  Deputies Bass and Cotten secured the suspect and immediately called for medical response while rendering aid to the wounded suspect themselves.  At the time of the shooting, the suspect was attempting to jump a fence adjacent to a crowded shopping center.  Deputy Bass’ decisive actions prevented  the armed suspect from accessing any businesses that may have led to civilian casualties or a possible hostage threat.  Congratulations Deputy Bass for receiving the award of Combat Cross.



In December of 2023, Deputy Luigi Popolla responded to a location in Theodore for an attempted suicide.  The home owner contacted our office on behalf of her friend who was diagnosed with mental illness.  The home owner stated that her friend had just been released from a local hospital for treatment, but this is not the first time she has attempted suicide.  Deputy Popolla found the patient on the floor bleeding and noticed she had slit her throat open narrowly missing her carotid arteries.  Deputy Popolla had just completed a tactical emergency casualty care course the week prior so he immediately began first aid. He began using towels and blankets that were on the chair and sofa and began applying pressure to all of her wounds in an effort to slow the blood loss. Mobile County EMS arrived and she was sent by Life Flight to a local hospital.  It was later discovered, that the quick actions that were performed by Deputy Popolla saved the life of the Mentally ill patient.  The skills he learned earlier the week before, helped to stop the bleeding and save the patient.  Congratulations Deputy Luigi Popolla for receiving the Combat Cross Award.


In July of 2023, Deputy Christopher Trimmer responded to a call in the county where a male subject seemed to be having some type of medical episode  in the front seat of his parked vehicle.  When Deputy Trimmer arrived at the scene, the subjects mother stated he could have overdosed because he was known to abuse drugs.  Deputy Trimmer utilized his Emergency Medical Technician training and then administered two doses of NARCAN.  The subject then began breathing on his own.

It was very obvious that Deputy Trimmer’s contributions that day was the difference in the life or death of this young man.  Deputy Trimmer leads by example all the while demonstrating his professionalism and dedication to duty.  Congratulations Deputy Trimmer for receiving the Life Saver Award.




Mrs. Alexandria Rene Mason joined the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in 2021 as a records specialist.  Mrs. Mason is currently enrolled at Faulkner University, working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  In April of 2023, Mrs. Mason volunteered to transfer to the MCSO SORNA unit.  She understood that this new role would come with increased responsibilities and duties, without any extra pay or compensation.  Despite the negative, she agreed to move and embraced the challenges of her new position.  Mrs. Mason has played a key role in reorganising numerous files, implementing new procedures, managing over 900 verification packets, overseeing Offender Watch, and handling compliance registrations for multiple offenders on a daily basis.  Ms. Mason’s professionalism, courtesy, and firm demeanour in interactions with the public and co-workers, particularly when dealing with individuals convicted of serious offences, reflect her exceptional character and commitment.  Congratulations Alexandria Rene Mason for receiving the Civilian of the Year for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.



Mr. Patel and Mr. Lama jointly own the St. Elmo Grocery, Marco’s Pizza, Yak Restaurant and the Jumping Goat Coffee Shop.  They are nominated because of their dedication, support and loyalty to all aspects of this department and to the citizens of Mobile County. Their numerous contributions have been well received, appreciated, and have also aided in boosting the morale among the Corrections Officers at the jail.  Mr. Patel and Mr. Lama have gone above and beyond on multiple occasions by being ready and willing to lend a helping hand.  There has never been a time when something has been asked of them and they have not assisted.  They have prepared and provided meals for our staff, provided necessities, donated materials, and actively volunteered to serve the corrections officers.  Mr. Patel and Mr. Lama, your enthusiasm, humble spirit, and selfless acts are truly invaluable to our office.  Congratulations for receiving our Citizen of the Year Award


Dr. Gregoricka has selflessly given her time and expertise to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office on several cold cases.  Once in 2019 with the missing person of Nanci Cownan and again in 2023 with the missing person case of Brenda Pritchett.  Despite having duties as a professor at the University of South Alabama, Dr Gregoricka has shown her commitment to justice and unwavering devotion to the citizens of Mobile County and The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office with her assistance.  Congratulations Dr. Gregoricka for receiving our Citizen of the Year Award.




Sergeant Marion Critz is a Barracks Supervisor and Work Release Manager with Mobile Metro Jail.  He oversees the day to day operation of our minimum custody housing facility.  Sgt. Critz manages the movement of the inmate workers who are housed at the Barracks and also manages the movement of inmates who are housed in general population at the Barracks.  It is his job to make sure the inmates are going to important appointments and court appearances.  As you can imagine, while the facility was under renovation, his job became much harder.  While the construction was happening, he had to coordinate with the construction crew as well as make sure the inmates needs were met.  He also has the responsibility of working along side the work release coordinator.  Sgt. Critz makes sure all new work release candidates are properly housed.  He has to make sure that they get to their jobs, but more importantly return from their jobs back to the Barracks.  Many times these workers are picked up and driven by loved ones to their jobs.  It then becomes Sgt. Critz responsibility to make sure these loved ones are responsible and that bring him/her back after their work day is complete.  According to Sgt. Critz’s supervisors, he is invaluable to Metro Jail and is a true professional and highly respected among his peers.  Congratulations Sgt. Critz for being the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer of the year.



In February of 2023, the Internet Crimes Against Children unit, also known as ICAC, was formed by Sheriff Burch and Deputy Frost was assigned to be a detective with this unit.  Detective Frost has been with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office for three years and before that he was with Mobile Police Department for 17 years.

In the ICAC unit, cyber tips are received from ALEA.  For each ICAC case, one or more electronic search warrants have to be done and usually a residential search warrant.  Each ICAC case is very time consuming.  From February 2023 to December 2023, Detective Frost arrested 17 suspects for a total 99 felony charges pertaining to child pornography and sexual abuse of children.  Overall during that same time frame, The ICAC unit has worked 413 cyber tips. 

One of the first cases that Detective Frost worked with ICAC unit, involved saving a little girl who was actively being sexually abused.  He also identified children who had been sexually abused by these same predators in the past.  Four of those predators were already sex offenders that were re-offending.  The most difficult part of working ICAC cases is having to view the horrific images and videos of children being sexually abused on a daily basis.  Working as a Detective with ICAC unit is one of the most important jobs in law enforcement.  However, it is not for everyone and it can be very stressful on the Detective.  Detective Frost works tirelessly to save these children who are being abused and to put these offenders in Jail and off our streets.  Congratulations Detective Andrew Frost for being the Deputy of the Year for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office