Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Honors Banquet

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Honors Banquet

Paul Burch, Sheriff


Invocation… Chaplain Phillip Snodgrass

Presentation of Colors… MCSO Honor Guard

Pledge of Allegiance

Presiding… Chief Deputy William A. Peak and Deputy Jail Administrator Pat Mitchell

Welcome… Sheriff Paul Burch

Presentations… Sheriff Paul Burch and Deputy Jail Administrator Pat Mitchell

Retiree Recognition… Sheriff Paul Burch and Deputy Jail Administrator Pat Mitchell

2019 Honors

Award of Excellence

Corrections Officer DeAngela Loper

Corrections Officer DeAngela Loper’s career spans over 27 years.  CO Loper has been assigned as the Attorney Visitation Officer over the last three years.  In 2019 CO Loper was responsible for scheduling a total of 33,757 visits for 18,963 inmates.  Another responsibility of CO Loper is to check public access areas for contraband.  Because of CO Loper’s attention to detail and reporting to Security Supervisors, contraband was confiscated and removed from the jail on numerous occasions throughout the year.  

Deputy Aubrey Bishop

In 2019, Deputy Aubrey Bishop led the team of interdiction deputies on I-10 making numerous cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, illegally obtained prescription drugs, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, THC edibles and vape cartridges.  Deputy Bishop conducted over 50 traffic stops per week, seized over $3,000,000.00 of illegal narcotics, and has a 100 percent conviction rate against drug and human smugglers.  Deputy Bishop was instrumental in the detention of 240 illegal immigrants being turned over to Border Patrol.  Of these 240 illegal immigrants, most had criminal histories to include narcotics violations and outstanding warrants.  Some were also previously deported felons.

Meritorious Service

Cpl. James Rosier

On December 10, 2019 Cpl. Rosier, along with several other deputies, responded to a male subject armed with a handgun acting erratically.  Cpl. Rosier took cover in close proximity to the armed subject with the intention to attempt to negotiate with the subject and encourage him to surrender his weapon.  After attempts to night blind deputies with a flashlight failed, the negotiations broke down and the armed subject pointed the handgun toward Cpl. Rosier while exclaiming his intent to kill him as he fired his weapon.  Cpl. Rosier was able to utilize his covering position while the other deputies returned fire.  Cpl. Rosier demonstrated bravery in the face of grave personal danger and continuously leads by example all the while demonstrating his professionalism and dedication to duty.

CO Gregory Bethel and CO Benjamin Swain and Corrections Sgt. Danny Rowe

In May 2019 Corrections Officer Gregory Bethel, Corrections Cpl. Benjamin Swain and Corrections Sgt. Danny Rowe were assigned as Floor Officers.  While conducting welfare checks, Bethel, Swain and Rowe were alerted to a fire in the wedge.  Without considering the grave danger that they were subjecting themselves to, the officers evacuated the cell and extinguished the fire before other officers were able to arrive.  It was determined that inmates had ignited a bed sheet causing an extraordinary amount of smoke that encompassed the entire wedge.  This particular wedge assignment houses inmates that are determined to be disruptive and disrespectful.  While compromising their own safety to enter the wedge and extinguish the fire, the officers remained calm and professional in their interacting with the inmates who vowed to continue to be problematic.  This courageous act exemplifies the professionalism and integrity of these officers as well as their respect for life, without regard to their own, during a life-threatening situation.

Sheriff’s Combat Cross

Dep. Nathaniel Kersten and Cpl. Johnny Thornton, Jr and Dep. Walter Bradley

On December 10, 2019 Deputy Nathaniel Kersten, Cpl. Johnny Thornton, Jr., and Dep. Walter Bradley responded to a complaint of a hostile subject armed with a firearm.  Following an attempt to night blind deputies on scene, the subject began firing his weapon upon deputies.  Dep. Kersten, Cpl. Thornton, and Dep. Bradley returned fire eliminating the threat to the lives of the deputies.  Dep. Kersten, Cpl. Thornton and Dep. Bradley demonstrated extraordinary heroism while engaging in personal combat with an armed adversary at imminent personal risk to their life, as well as the life of another deputy.  Had it not been for the swift response of these deputies, one of our own could have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

Sheriff’s Unit Award

Field Operations

Special Operations Directive Unit: Sgt. Chad Robbins, Dep. Charles Henderson, Jr., Dep. Chris Trimmier, Dep. Jeffery Hilburn

The Special Operations Directive Unit was responsible for creating federal ice gun cases, warrant arrests, trespassing arrests, assisting CID and Narcotics, assisting CRO’s with man power shortages, illegal alien deportations, multi-agency warrant round ups and assisted SWAT in training detail scenarios.

Special Operations Interdiction Unit:  Cpl. Jonathan Kelley, Dep. Timothy Tomaszewski, Dep. Aubrey Bishop, Dep. Paul Pitzulo

In 2019, the MCSO Special Operations Interdiction Unit conducted hundreds of traffic stops leading to the seizure of hundreds of pounds of illegal narcotics, over a hundred thousand dollars in US currency, multiple arrests, and vehicle seizures.  In addition, the Interdiction Unit worked closely with US Border Patrol identifying and detaining 237 illegal immigrants to include one Federal case of human trafficking.

Sheriff’s Unit Award

Metro Jail

Court Annex: Sgt. James Bonner, Cpl. Shimeka Peoples, CO Schrunda Emerson, CO William Grant, CO Robbin Savage

In 2019 the Court Annex Team suffered a severe staff shortage due to having inadequate staffing on some days.  The team provided courtroom security for 22,683 inmates through the year.  During any medical distress observed by team members at court, the Court Annex Team immediately communicates with the Transportation Team having inmates transported back to the jail to receive medical attention.  Given the small number of officers assigned, there have been no serious injuries to inmates or officers.  Members of the Court Annex Team often report to Metro Jail when their assignments are over to assist in filling the staff shortage experienced at the jail.  The Court Annex Team operates as one, having the same goals in mind and that is to support each other to get through each day without incident.


Here are a few highlights of Sgt. Thornton’s year;

In April of 2019, Sgt. Thornton was our Deputy of the Month at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and was also declared the Mobile County District Attorney’s Officer of the Month.

In July and August of 2019, Sgt. Thornton began an investigation involving several victims of Identity Theft. As a result of his hard work, the suspect was arrested for multiple felony charges. In addition to State charges, the suspect’s case files were collected and surrendered to the United States Secret Service, so that the suspect was prosecuted federally. Sgt. Thornton worked in conjunction with the Mobile Police Department, which was also investigating the same suspect.                                    `

On December 10, 2019, Sgt. Thornton and other units responded to a complaint involving an armed subject. This subject would ultimately fire upon deputies, resulting in Thornton and another Deputy returning fire, eliminating the threat. The actions of Thornton and the other Deputy against the armed subject likely saved other law enforcement officers and/or citizens from the danger posed by the offender.

In addition to a heavy case load and assisting other units, Sgt. Thornton has a passion for helping others that is unmatched. His dedication to the resolution of unsolved homicides and missing persons sets him apart from several of his peers. Sgt. Thornton uses his “extra” time to continue working on cold cases; whether it be the collection of DNA, data entry into data bases, or taking the time to listen to family members who have found no closure to the crime that took their loved one.

The cases above are just a glimpse into the hard work of Sgt. J.T. Thornton during 2019. His dedication to this agency and the citizens of Mobile County are one of the many reasons he was chosen for this award. Congratulations Sgt. J. T. Thornton for 2019 Deputy of the Year.


Corrections Officer Gregroy Bethel has been asset to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail since the beginning of his employment in September 2016. Officer Bethel’s demeanor and work ethics are well received by his co-workers and inmates alike. New officers rely on his training and expertise when learning policies and procedures.  Officer Bethel familiarizes himself with the inmates assigned in his area is often looked to when fact finding is necessary to determine what inmate is responsible for certain incidents.  Officer Bethel has foiled the attempts of inmates who may have been contemplating suicide by keeping keen ears and eyes open to inmates behavior and conversations. CO Bethel always tried to diffuse the situations before they turn into incidents. CO Bethel is often assigned to the Special Management Housing Area where that are mentally ill, suicidal, detoxifying along with maximum custody leveled inmates are housed. CO Bethel establishes a rapport with those inmates so they will display continuous compliance and order in the housing area.  Officer Bethel assists the Special Management inmates with heir overall cleaning and personal hygiene practices as well as with issues that they may have in their housing areas to include kiosk messaging.

CO Bethel is reliable and consistent. CO Bethel is a very detail oriented officer as it relates to discharge of duty and following procedure. CO Bethel has been utilized as a Field Training Officer for new employees which is an asste to those that work with him offering his style and techniques of handling the inmate population as well as the overall general operations of the housing areas. The overall value that CO Bethel brings to the Mobile County Metro Jail is immeasurable and for that he is awarded as the Corrections Officer of the Year. Congratulations Corrections Officer Gregory Bethel on being selected as Corrections Officer of the Year 2019.

2020 Honors

Sheriff’s Commendation

Corrections Cpl. Danielle Kidd

Cpl. Kidd has never placed herself above those in which she works but interjects herself fully as a team player as well as a team leader.  She provides a safe environment which makes it easier for those who work with her complete their tasks and duties without fear.  Cpl. Kidd displays profound integrity and respect which makes the shift duties for her officers safe and productive within the building that she is tasked with supervising.  Cpl. Kidd continuously shares valuable leadership and management skills with co-workers to help better perform their duties.

Corrections Officer James Norville

Corrections Officer James Norville has displayed consistent professional workmanship as a floor officer and team member.  Officer Norville completes assignments given to him and never avoids his duties as either a floor or pod officer.  CO Norville is a valuable asset to the Mobile County Metro Jail because he entails the organization creed to provide the inmates security with honor, integrity and respect.  Officer Norville honors those to whom he works with as well as the inmates he is charged with securing.  He does his job with dignity and respect in what is already a seemingly hostile and dangerous and changing climate within the jail.

Sgt. John Cassidy, Cpl. Johnny Thornton, Jr., Dep. Phillip Stewart, Dep. Nathaniel Kersten, Dep. Brandon Miller

In February 2020 Semmes units responded to an address in Wilmer, Alabama in reference to a domestic violence complaint.  Updates revealed that a subject was threatening his wife with a shotgun threatening to kill any law enforcement responding to his residence.  As deputies arrived on scene a shot rang out from the residence.  After the subject refused to comply with commands, the necessary force was applied by Deputy Brandon Miller and Deputy Phillip Stewart to take the subject to the ground.  Once the subject was taken into custody deputies located several loose shotgun shells and a box of shotgun shells and the spent shell casing on the front porch of the residence.  Deputy Nathaniel Kersten and Corporal Johnny Thornton provided cover as the other deputies approached the residence and was able to apprehend the subject.  Deputy Miller and Deputy Stewart were crucial in taking the subject into custody.  Sgt. John Cassidy’s actions as the unit supervisor devising a plan to ensure the safety of employees responding to the complaint are to be commended.  The actions of these gentlemen resulted in the apprehension of a violent criminal, without the loss of life of the offender or law enforcement.  While serving in their official capacities, these men performed their duties in an outstanding manner.

Cpl. Chederick Thomas

In December 2020 Cpl. Chederick Thomas responded to a strong-arm robbery.  Upon arrival the victim identified two known male subjects who threatened to physically harm the victim during the commission of a cell phone theft.  Cpl. Thomas led deputies to the location of the suspects where upon arrival discovered a stolen Penske truck (Mobile Police Department).  After conducting a “knock and talk” at the residence, Cpl. Thomas discovered the keys to the Penske truck and the cell phone reported stolen.  Not only were both suspects charged with Receiving Stolen Property Second Degree, one of the suspects was currently out on bond for a Kidnapping Second Degree charge (Citronelle PD).  The second suspect was a repeat sex offender with a history dating back nearly two decades for numerous violent crimes including Burglary First Degree and was additionally charged with a SORNA violation.  If not for the innovative approach and continued focus of Cpl. Thomas, these suspects would continue to plague society.

Corrections Officer Etta Hunter- Sigler

Corrections Officer Etta Hunter-Sigler has a way to make everyone she comes in contact with- whether they be officer or inmate or any other Metro staff- important and valued.  She has unknowingly boosted the morale of the facility by the random acts of kindness and generous giving spirit.  CO Sigler, going through her own personal battles, still has the genuine concern for a co-worker or friend that needed to be uplifted.  CO Sigler has generously celebrated events in many of our Metro staff’s lives without their knowledge until they arrive- without the thought of compensation or recognition.  CO Sigler gives her all and best when it comes to an individual or group like St. Jude.

Community Spirit Award

Cpl. Johnny Thornton, Jr.

Cpl. Johnny Thornton, Jr. has undertaken several endeavors to identify and preserve historic locations within Mobile County so that future generations of citizens may enjoy the locations.  While his free time is limited, Thornton has taken the time in 2019 and 2020 to identify historic cemeteries and add them to the State of Alabama’s Historic Registry.  In addition to this, Thornton has taken the time to clean the grounds of these cemeteries, with one of the oldest being the Church Street Cemetery.  In addition to cleaning the grounds, Thornton has also taken the time to safely clean many headstones dating back over a hundred years.  Thornton continued his work and is petitioning to have a long lost cemetery (Little River Cemetery), which was active from the late 1700’s until about 1850, added to Alabama’s registry.  Also, Thornton has reached out to CSX railroad in an attempt to secure their authorization to add the old Grand Bay train depot site to Alabama’s registry.  Thornton has also been attempting to secure funds for the erection of new historic site markers and the restoration of old markers.

Sheriff’s Combat Cross

Dep. Thomas Owen

In May 2020, Deputy Thomas Owen responded to a domestic violence complaint at a residence in Chunchula, AL.  During the course of the investigation, it was determined the victims had been assaulted by their son at their home, both of which sustained injuries.  After the assault, the subject fled to his travel trailer on the property where deputies attempted to make contact with him and have him surrender.  It was known by deputies that the offender had a history of narcotics abuse, resisting arrest and domestic violence.  When the subject failed to comply with commands, entry was made to affect a lawful arrest and it was observed that the subject was armed with a pistol, which he attempted to raise and likely fire upon deputies.  Believing that the subject was intent on firing his weapon, Deputy Owen fired his service weapon striking the firearm and the subject himself, ultimately terminating the threat to his life as well as the lives of those serving with him.  During this engagement, Deputy Owen distinguished himself by engaging the armed adversary and eliminating, while an imminent personal risk to his life existed.

Cpl. Russell Norgren

In January of 2020, Cpl. Norgren responded to the report of a disorderly situation between neighbors.  During the call, it was determined that a subject was inside a travel trailer refusing to exit.  The subject fired multiple shots from the travel trailer towards deputies.  Cpl. Norgren observed the armed suspect through a window at the front of the camper and fired two rounds through that window.  It was determined that the armed subject did indeed have access to at least eight firearms inside the camper and could have potentially pressed the fight, had Cpl. Norgren not acted when he did and how he did.  He stopped the threat and saved lives.

Dep. Johnny Ledger

In January of 2020, Deputy Johnny Ledger responded to Walmart in Semmes where a subject was reportedly acting bizarre and picked up a claw hammer from behind a trash can.  Dep. Ledger located the subject carrying the hammer and confronted him and noticed he also had a pocket knife in a front pocket.  The subject dropped the hammer, when ordered, but would not drop the knife.  When the subject grew agitated, the subject picked up the claw hammer and began to approach Dep. Ledger in an aggressive manner at which time Dep. Ledger deployed his taser, which was ineffective.  The suspect removed the taser probes and picked up the hammer and again approached the deputy in a threatening manner.  At this point Dep. Ledger realized he was in grave danger and transitioned to his service weapon all the while giving the suspect verbal commands to stop.  Dep. Ledger, wanting to give the suspect every opportunity to comply with his commands began walking backwards as the suspect continued his aggressive approach while swinging the hammer and stating he was going to kill the deputy.  Leaving Deputy Ledger no other recourse, he was forced to discharge his service weapon once striking the suspect and ending the threat.  Dep. Ledger demonstrated unwavering bravery in the face of grave personal danger while giving the suspect numerous opportunities to stop his aggressive actions.

Unit Award

Bravo Squad South: Sgt. Johnny Miller, Sgt. John Cassidy, Dep. Shaun Gray, Dep. Joshua Grimm, Dep. Marshall Hodge, Dep. Justin McCollough, Dep. John Silcox, Dep. Phillip Stewart, Dep. James Sumerlin, III, Dep. Joseph Walker

During the course of 2020 under the leadership of Sgt. Johnny Miller and Sgt. John Cassidy, Bravo Squad South had an impressive year.  While the squad not only answered daily calls for service, the Unit also took a proactive approach to policing which resulted in 119 felony arrests, 275 misdemeanor arrests, 7 violation arrests and the execution of 505 warrants.  In addition to these impressive arrests, the squad also issued 326 traffic citations and recovered and/or seized $51,482.00 worth of property.  The members of the squad are thorough, motivated and highly effective in combating crime.  When faced with challenges, this squad would come together to collectively find a solution and implement it.  This squad should be an example for others to follow and emulate.


Corporal Niles has been with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office for over 13 years. He began with us at Metro Jail as security, then moved to booking and later to transportation. While serving as a deputy he has been in patrol, then to CID north as property crimes detective and is currently a detective in our Major Crimes Unit.

In 2020 Corporal Niles was assigned as the lead investigator in 34 major crimes cases ranging from murder, suicide, assault 1st, kidnapping, rape, sexual torture, death investigations, robbery, officer-involved shooting, child deaths, and special investigations. Here are a few examples of his work;

In February of 2020, Corporal Niles was the lead investigator to a shooting into an occupied vehicle on Fernwood Road where a victim was shot and died as a result of the injuries. Corporal Niles interviewed witnesses, canvassed the area where shooting occurred and developed a lead on two brothers as potential suspects. He tracked down suspects, however, they barricaded themselves inside their home. Corporal Niles communicated with the father of the boys so that he could persuade them to surrender. After doing so, Corporal Niles located the murder weapon, and the two were arrested for murder. This thorough investigation conducted by Corporal Niles not only lead to the arrest of two murder suspects, but it was also crucial in closing additional robberies conducted by the same individuals.

In May 2020, Corporal Niles was the lead investigator in a homicide case that occurred in the Coden area. The gruesome scene was a victim who had been stabbed 28 times. During the course of his investigation, Corporal Niles was able to determine that the actual murder had been recorded in a 911 call made by the killer. The Killer had met the victim through a social media site called “Plenty of Fish”. Due to the nature and location of the wounds, Corporal Niles was able to prove that the murder was not in self-defense as the killer claimed. Corporal Niles also discovered discarded evidence and that the crime scene had been partially staged.  This case is pending trial.

The two cases above are just a small example of the detailed and professional work by Corporal Niles during the year of 2020. Corporal Niles conducted investigations that lead to arrests in assault 1st, kidnapping 1st, domestic violence 2nd, assault 2nd, rape 1st, and several other

felony arrest. Congratulations Corporal Archie Niles for being awarded Deputy of the Year 2020.


Corrections Officer Shamiria Webb Bailey has been an asset to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail. Her decisiveness, dedication and passion to the Mobile County Metro Jail staff and peers. CO Webb-Bailey continually demonstrates and immense initiative that goes above and beyond the call of duty. CO Webb-Bailey demonstrates sound decision making when given a task by her superiors. She is very effective in completing the tasks in a timely manner and beyond expectations. CO Webb-Bailey makes efforts to welcome new employees and help them integrate into daily operations.

CO Webb-Bailey is a key factor in Docket Room harmony and efficiency. CO Webb-Bailey has demonstrated leadership qualities by volunteering for multiple tasks to maintain, readiness, focusing on the welfare of fellow peers and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism. CO Shamiria Webb-Bailey with a can-do attitude and always willing to do more challenging tasks with greater responsibility. The overall value that CO Webb-Bailey brings to the Mobile County Metro Jail is immeasurable and for that she is awarded as the Corrections Officer of the Year. Congratulations Corrections Officer Shamiria Webb-Bailey on being selected as Corrections Officer of the Year 2020.


Sheriff’s Commendation

Dep. Michael Pozobyt

In October 2021 Deputy Pozobyt responded to a call on I-10 involving a trailer with a blown tire.  The occupants were an elderly couple who had made several unsuccessful attempts to reach someone to bring them a spare tire.  Deputy Pozobyt expressed concern for the couple’s safety and stated that he would go to his residence to retrieve a tire of his own to get the couple to safety.  While another deputy remained with the couple on the interstate, Deputy Pozobyt retrieved a tire and tools from his home and replaced the tire.  The couple thanked Deputy Pozobyt numerous times for his kind act and also expressed thanks to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  Without the kindness of Deputy Pozobyt, the couple could have remained in a dangerous location.

Dep. Joshua Coleman

In May 2021 Deputy Joshua Coleman was dispatched to a report of a subject with a gun who was threatening to commit suicide.  Deputy Coleman was able to make contact with the subject, who was inside a house trailer, and had a rifle to his head.  He was threatening to shoot himself.  Deputy Coleman, along with back-up deputies, spoke to the subject over the next 2 hours.  Through his experience as an investigator and training, Deputy Coleman was able to convince the subject to throw out the gun from where he was barricaded and surrender.  Through his diligence Deputy Coleman was able to resolve the situation with no one being injured.

Cpl. Jonathan Kelley and Dep. Charles Greenwald, Jr.

In February 2021 Cpl. Jonathan Kelley and Dep. Charles Greenwald responded to a subject who went into crisis in Wilmer.  Citizens calling about the event described the situation as a woman walking down the middle of Moffett Road holding a knife to her own throat.  Cpl. Kelley and Dep. Greenwald located the subject inside a market and putting aside their concern for personal injury, quickly assessed and responded to the situation.  Working as a team the pair quickly ushered oblivious customers out of harms way and made contact with the subject.  With confident professionalism, the pair verbally engaged the subject using de-escalating words and phrases garnered from their training.  The situation was adeptly defused and the subject relinquished the knife and allowed paramedics to assess and transport her for evaluation.  With the safety of all parties as paramount importance, Dep. Greenwald and Cpl. Kelley utilized their crisis intervention training to reduce the intensity of this citizen’s crisis without incident.

Deputy Jonathan Rivers

In September 2021 Deputy Jonathan Rivers was traveling behind a large truck when he observed the truck attempt to change lanes.  In the process, the truck struck another car.  The driver of the car lost control striking the guardrail.  The force of impact slung the car back across all lanes of traffic, striking another vehicle head on.  The vehicle was struck head on and rolled several times before landing on its side and catching fire.  Deputy Rivers successfully extracted four the victims from the burning vehicles sunroof.  The victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Lifesaver Award

Sgt. Richard Bryars and Dep. Paul Pitzulo

In January 2021 Sgt. Richard Bryars and Dep. Paul Pitzulo responded to a call of one down inside of a vehicle.  Upon their arrival, deputies located a 68 year old woman unconscious, not breathing, and no pulse.  The deputies immediately began administering CPR and incorporated the use of the MCSO issued AED, which ultimately resulted in the female regaining a pulse along with shallow breathing.  While EMS prepped the subject for transport, Sgt. Bryars located an empty bottle of morphine inside the subjects vehicle that had recently been filled.  Relaying this information to EMS resulted in NARCAN being administered giving an immediate response from the subject.  MCEMS then transported the semi alert patient to the hospital for further treatment.  Sgt. Richard Bryars and Dep. Paul Pitzulo used their years of experience and training to identify the immediate need for life saving techniques in the field.  Had it not been for the attentiveness during training over the years, and on the scene that day, another life would have certainly been lost to the drug epidemic faced by our nation.

Dep. Michael Pozobyt and Dep. Jennifer Chisholm

While servicing a medical emergency call in Irvington, Deputy Michael Pozobyt and Deputy Jennifer Chisholm located a subject not conscious, alert, or breathing.  An area resident was unsuccessfully attempting to perform CPR on the subject so the deputies took over, based on previous training they received as L.E.O’s.  While deputies performed CPR, an onlooker stated that the subject may have consumed fentanyl in an overly abundant amount, inducing him into the state in which the deputies found him.  Pozobyt and Chisholm retrieved and administered their MCSO issued NARCAN and after a few moments the subject began breathing on his own and eventually regained consciousness.  By the time EMS arrived, the subject was able to respond the questions and engage in conversation.  Their unselfish act toward an individual that some may have found undeserving redeemed a life.  Because of an emphasis on mortality and a high sense of duty, not to mention their training, Deputy Pozobyt and Deputy Chisholm’s acts that day are to be commended.

Unit Award

Alpha North:  Cpl. Jonathan Kelley, Dep. Charles Greenwald, Jr., Dep. Antoine Flowers, Dep. Jonathan Calametti, Dep. Warren Christian, Dep. Phillip Brunson

During just the first two months of 2021, the Alpha North Patrol Deputies made several achievements that were outstanding in nature.  In January 2021, the Unit was able to obtain the location and arrest a murder suspect in an MCSO Major Crimes Unit case, locate and capture a federal fugitive which also aided the MCSO Narcotics Unit in an open investigation on the same individual, assist in the capture of an escapee from Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi, and locating a teen threating suicide and ultimately having him surrender the weapon and himself.  During February 2021, the Alpha North Unit was able to locate a suspect in several thefts and burglaries on Maddox Road in Semmes and was instrumental in the spate of catalytic converter thefts at the time.  The Unit took proactive measures to locate a suspect in the catalytic converter thefts including the theft of catalytic converters from MCPSS school busses at Semmes Middle School.  These are just several examples that show how Alpha North Deputies cooperate with one another not only as a team but also as a skilled Law Enforcement Unit that smoothly and professionally interacts with other teams and agencies.  On a daily basis the Deputies of Alpha North function seamlessly to safely accomplish the mission of Team Sheriff.

MCMJ SRT Team:  Lt. Darryl Benard, Lt. Ira Kennington, Sgt. David Andrews, Sgt. Danny Rowe, Sgt. Travis Turner, Sgt. John Pugh, Cpl. David Dallas, Cpl. Gregory Davis, Cpl. Christina Norwood, CO Anthony Brown, CO Kissena Nettles, Co Timiesha Wiggins, CO Tylisa Burchette, CO Quedarius Brown, CO Devante Murphy, CO Phillip Robinson, CO Mustafa Taha, CO Daniel Blocker

The Mobile County Metro Jail Special Response Team (SRT) is tasked with responding to critical incidents.  During 2021, specifically when the jail was under renovations, the perimeter was compromised.  With assistance from multiple Sheriff’s Office and Metro Jail security teams, the SRT conducted 20-25 shakedowns leading to the confiscation of 130 cell phones and other types of electronic devices, marijuana and other illicit drugs and pills, multiple cases of cigarettes, alcohol, hack saws, tools used to enter the pipe chases in the cells, lighters and other unspecified contraband.


Mrs. Angela Lewis has been with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office for eight years and currently holds the position of Office Assistant I at North Side. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Lewis knows she has numerous titles and wears various hats. Her everyday duties consist of answering phones, taking walk-ins, managing office supplies, coordinating building maintenance, daily reports, end of the month reports, and maintaining office equipment. In addition to her official duties, Mrs. Lewis maintains the case management system, coordinates any patrol needs, mailed out contact letters, handles all case callbacks, arranges interview times for victims, and manages the calendar at the office.

During 2021, Mrs. Lewis also helped to coordinate and transition the North Side Patrol to a new building. She was instrumental in the acquisition, placement, setup, furnishing, and sup plying of the portable building for patrol. Additionally, during this transition and moving forward, Mrs. Lewis maintained supplying, coordinating maintenance, and managing office equipment for two separate facilities.

In addition to performing all duties listed above, Mrs. Lewis deals with the public numerous times a day and is always polite and professional. Mrs. Lewis has her fingers on the pulse of North Side and is always there to lend a hand…especially to her co-workers.

Mrs. Lewis is an example of a great employee who performs her duties with excellence and professionalism. She is an invaluable asset who brings enthusiasm, warmth, and a stellar work ethic to anyone she works with. Congratulations Mrs. Angelia Lewis for being the Civilian of the Year 2021.


Sergeant Kelley has been with The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office for over six years however he has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 2001. Sgt. Kelley is a veteran of the United States Army and currently is with CID north as a supervisor. Prior to being with CID N, Sgt. Kelley was in Special Operations Unit, K-9, and a patrol Deputy for both north and south sides of the County. Sgt. Kelley is continuously contributing to both the mission of the Sheriff’s Office and also the development and mentoring of its personnel.

During the year of 2021, Sgt. Kelley was a newly assigned Corporal to patrol on north side.  Sgt. Kelley volunteered to leave Special Operations during November 2020 because Patrol Division needed Corporals. Sgt. Kelley had to relinquish his K-9 before the move to patrol.

In January 2021, Sgt. Kelley was given information from Major Crimes that a murder suspect, Jeffrey Blackston, was attempting to leave the state in an unknown direction from the area of Clebourne Road and Lott Road. Sgt. Kelley directed the units to search the areas of Lott Road, Wilmer Georgetown, Jack Williams, McCrary and Moffett Road for a white Lexus occupied by two suspects. The vehicle was spotted in the area of Lott and McCrary Road by patrol units. Once it was confirmed that Blackston was the driver a pursuit began. Sgt. Kelley chased the vehicle for approximately 19 miles on Lott Road reaching speeds in excess of 125 mph over a 20 minute duration. The vehicle ran out of gas during the pursuit, and Sgt. Kelley held the occupants at gunpoint until additional units arrived. A search of the murder suspect, Blackston, revealed a knife in the inner lining of his jacket pocket that would later test positive for the murder victim’s blood and is believed to be the murder weapon.

On November 18, 2021, Sgt. Kelley was assisting in the investigation of missing person in the area of Tanner Williams Road, who had been missing for over 12 hours. During the course of the investigation it became clear that the missing person was an 82 year old man diagnosed with dementia. Sgt. Kelley got a detailed list of areas he was known to frequent and left in search of the subject. Sgt. Kelley found the missing dementia person at a gas station at the corner of Tanner Williams and Snow Road. Sgt. Kelley was able to tend to the gentleman and provide information to his family for Project Life Saver. The family was so thankful by all the efforts put forth by Sgt. Kelley that they contacted Sheriff Cochran in a letter praising Sgt. Kelley and how he handled the situation.

During 2021, Sgt. Kelley went above and beyond the duties associated with a then Corporal at the Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Kelley stepped up without hesitation when needed and provided leadership whenever there was a void. Sgt. Kelley served his deputies, the community, and Sheriff’s Office with dedication and determination to do the best job possible.

Congratulations Sgt. Jonathan Kelley for being Deputy of the Year for 2021.


On 01/09/2020 CO Travis Crum performed outstanding work in reference to information of a possible cell phone in 1002C wedge. C/O Crum was assigned as the 1002 Pod Officer. C/O Crum heard a cell phone ringing in 1002C wedge cell 1051 and immediately notified Sgt. D. Carter. C/O Crum then turned on the intercom in the cells to listen in on the conversation as well as to pin point who was on the phone as he kept Sgt. Carter abreast of the cell activity. Sgt. Carter, Sgt. J. Ervin and Sgt D.  Andrews formed a shakedown team, entered the wedge and searched the cell that had been monitored by C/O Crum when two (2) males were seen walking upstairs to cell 1124. Sgt. Ervin, who was relieving C/O Crum from the pod saw one inmate run to his cell with something in his hand and another inmate behind him close the door. Sgt. Ervin opened the door and instructed C/O Crum to go remove the inmates from their cell. When C/O Crum got the inmates secured in the day room, he went in the cell to search and found a cell phone wrapped in a t-shirt and a charger wrapped in a sheet on the bottom bunk in the cell. The shakedown team went into another cell in the same wedge and found another phone and six chargers, in total finding two cell phones and seven chargers.

C/O Travis Crum also received a nomination for Corrections Officer of the Month April 2020 for maintaining a safe, secure and healthy environment for both the staff and inmate population of the Mobile County Metro Jail. C/O Crum is being recognized for his consistent efforts in paying attention to detail, and his proactive approach on a daily basis. C/O Crum is professional with staff as well as with the inmates. He performs his duties without complaint or hesitation. C/O Crum is usually assigned in the Super Maximum housing area. This area houses inmates who have been identified as being a constant threat to officers, other inmates or the facility. These inmates have assaulted officers or staff which resulted in criminal charges, inmates who have compromised the safety of the facility and becomes a potential escape risk, inmates who have been in possession of weapons or used weapons in altercations with other inmates.

The overall value that CO Crum brings to the Mobile County Metro Jail is immeasurable and for that he is awarded as the Corrections Officer of the Year.  Congratulations Corrections Officer Travis Crum  on being selected as Corrections Officer of the Year 2021.

2022 Honors

Sheriff’s Commendation

Dep. Mona Wade

Over the course of several months Deputy Mona Wade was able to identify and cultivate a relationship with a potential informant who lived a lifestyle that allowed her access to several potential criminals.  The informant reached out to Deputy Wade on multiple occasions with information that assisted Detectives in theft reports and cases that originally had no suspects or leads.  Deputy Wade used her natural caring personality and years of detective knowledge to develop a relationship that has proved to be very valuable to MCSO investigations.

Dep. Cameron Horton

Deputy Cameron Horton was assigned to investigate a case involving a property theft of equipment valued at $40,000.00.  Deputy Horton received information that led to the location of the suspect in the theft and the item reported stolen.  While at the suspect’s address, another piece of equipment was located from a separate case valued at $35,000.00.  Because of Deputy Cameron Horton’s persistence, dedication, and attention to detail, approximately $75,000.00 worth of stolen property was recovered.

Award of Excellence

Dep. Zandra Jackson

For the past three years, Deputy Zandra Jackson has been assigned to the Domestic Violence Division where she has been tasked with the tremendous responsibility of investigating physically violent crimes against persons.  During 2022, Deputy Jackson was assigned and investigated 72 cases involving domestic violence harassment, assaults, menacing, criminal mischief, burglary, stalking, strangulation, violation of a protection order, elderly abuse, and other domestic violence cases with a clearance rate of 96.5%.   Det. Jackson has become a liaison with several victim advocacy centers, medical centers, schools, and businesses that are involved with advocating against domestic violence.  Further, Det. Jackson has also become an advocate for domestic abuse victims and has been involved in several community initiatives providing information regarding domestic violence.

Combat Cross

Cpl. Glenn Gazzier, Cpl. Phillip Stewart, Dep. Charles Henderson, Jr., Dep. Curtis Renfroe, Dep. Jonathan Rivers

In May 2022 Cpl. Glenn Gazzier, Cpl. Phillip Stewart, Dep. Charles Henderson, Jr., De. Curtis Renfroe, and Dep. Jonathan Rivers responded to an address in Eight Mile, Alabama in an attempt to arrest a wanted subject.  The subject had an active warrant for his arrest through the United States Marshals Service and was facing re-incarceration.  Once at the location, the subject refused to comply with commands for him to surrender and attempted to flee.  The deputies gave chase, however the subject rounded the corner of a mobile home and attempted to stab Cpl. Gazzier with a fixed blade knife.  Given the close proximity of the armed subject and the law enforcement officers, who had closed the distance to take the subject into custody, lethal force was utilized to neutralize the threat to the deputies.  It was found that Sheriff’s Office personnel were serving in their official capacities and distinguished themselves by engaging in an act of heroism, while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary at the imminent personal risk to life.  The actions of these brave men should be applauded and recognized.

Lifesaver Award

Dep. Joseph Knowles

In May 2022 Deputy Joseph Knowles responded to a medical emergency reference a possible heroin overdose.  Deputy Knowles was the first to arrive on scene and observed the subject on the floor not responsive and not breathing.  Deputy Knowles immediately began CPR on the subject and continued until the subject began breathing again on his own and EMS arrived.  EMS administered IV Narcan in order to fully restore vitals and consciousness.  EMS stated that Deputy Knowles quick action in performing CPR and resuscitating the subject was the primary difference in the subject still being alive.  EMS definitively believed the episode to be a heroin overdose.  Deputy Knowles quick action was a great reflection of his dedication to mission, commitment to selfless service, and high regard for protecting life.

Dep. Mark Coombe

In August 2022 Deputies responded to a medical emergency.  Upon arrival, deputies observed several Hispanic males, one with an injury on his right forearm.  A witness at the scene stated that the injured subject punched a window in a mobile home, injuring himself severely. Deputy Coombe immediately grabbed his tourniquet and applied it to the upper right arm of the injured subject.  It was determined through investigation and speaking with EMS later that evening that the subject’s injury was indeed potentially life threatening and had Deputy Coombe not acted as quickly as he did, the subject would likely have died from his injury.  Deputy Coombe’s quick assessment and action saved the life of the subject.

Cpl. Heidi Reynolds

In September 2022, Cpl. Heidi Reynolds was on her way to work when she heard a report of shots fired.  Cpl. Reynolds worked with other deputies to locate the shooter and once the suspect was placed in handcuffs, Cpl. Reynolds immediately went back to the victim to begin first aid.  Cpl. Reynolds observed the victim’s injuries and blood loss and quickly applied a tourniquet to the upper most region of the leg.  The victim began to lose consciousness and was placed in the recovery position by Cpl. Reynolds.  Cpl. Reynolds stayed and continued to talk to the victim until medics arrived and took over treatment.  Cpl. Reynolds was one of the first Deputies to arrive on scene and assumed command of the situation and was able to subdue an armed shooter and take them into custody without further incident, secure the weapon used in the crime without contaminating evidence, and apply potentially lifesaving first aid to a victim with multiple gunshots.  Cpl. Reynolds actions lead to the best possible conclusion to this event and are a testament to her leadership skills and actions.

Unit Award

Special Investigations Unit:  Sgt. Johnny Thornton, Jr., Cpl. William Walsh, Cpl. Joshua Grimm, Dep. Todd Partin

During the course of 2022, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit investigated four hundred sixty-eight (468) follow-up complaints.  Through rigorous and dedicated investigations, the unit was able to clear and close all complaints assigned (100% clearance rate). The members of this unit demonstrated they were capable of conducting thorough and complex investigations which yielded several signed warrants and arrests.  The unit also recovered $30,000.00 in property during the reporting year.  The work ethic and dedication of the members of the Special Investigations Unit to the citizens of Mobile County and the Sheriff’s Office are deserving of recognition.  They have consistently upheld the Sheriff’s Office motto of “Honor, Integrity, Service”.


Over the last two years, Deputy Keith Wilson has been working on a narcotics investigation involving a subject that resided in Mobile County. Deputy Wilson conducted numerous hours of surveillance, cellular phone toll analysis, debriefs of informants, interviews of arrested defendants, search warrants, and other numerous operations, targeting the suspect and others that were involved in his drug trafficking organization.

During 2022 the narcotic investigation began to rapidly accelerate and Deputy Wilson continued to dedicate himself to the furtherance of the case by spending extended hours and days conducting surveillance on the main target and his associates. Customers in this narcotic ring would travel from areas in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida to all purchase their narcotics. This narcotic ring has developed from growing and selling marijuana to also selling bulk amounts of cocaine, fentanyl pills, crystal meth (ice) and heroin. Due to the growth of this narcotic enterprise, the Department of Homeland Security (HSI) opened up a federal investigation on the main suspect. The suspect soon became classified as a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) by HSI and discovered to have direct access to bulk sources of illicit narcotics located in Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and California. Because of the hard work done by Deputy Wilson, the seizure of 26 kilograms of methamphetamine Ice, approximately 35 pounds of marijuana, $17,677 in US currency and various small amounts of fentanyl pills, MDMA pills and cocaine have all been made from this narcotic enterprise. During the course of this investigation, other drug traffickers have been arrested which resulted in 20,000 fentanyl pills, 15.7 kilograms of cocaine, 1.5 pounds of methamphetamine ice, additional marijuana and over 400,000.00 in US currency.

In November of 2022, Deputy Wilson was assigned a complaint in a west Mobile Neighborhood involving possible animal cruelty (dog fighting) and suspected drug activity. Several other agencies had responded but did not take any action against the owners. Deputy Wilson spent hours conducting surveillance on the suspects home as well as interviewed neighbors about activity taking place. As a result of Deputy Wilson’s hours of surveillance, interviews and work, a search warrant was obtained fort the residence at the center of the complaint. The search warrant resulted in an arrest with charges of felony animal abuse 1st degree, trafficking cocaine, trafficking crack cocaine, and certain persons forbidden to possess a weapon. During the search warrant two firearms were also recovered from the home, who is a convicted felon, cocaine, crack cocaine and over $16,000.00 in US currency were recovered from the residence. This case is ongoing and has been turned over to HSI with possible additional arrests of other parties for wire fraud, conspiracy and intimidating a witness. Because of Deputy Wilson’s investigation and dedication with this case, several animals were saved from further abuse, the neighborhood was satisfied, and a large quantity of drugs and its proceeds were taken off the streets.

Deputy Wilson’s tireless efforts, investigations, and hours of dedication to the furtherance of the mission of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, and the mission of the Narcotics and Vice Unit, has made a huge impact on the drug market in Mobile County and United States.  Through his partnership with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies Deputy Wilson has been able to conduct investigations and utilize techniques never done before in our area. Congratulations Deputy Keith Wilson on being Deputy of the Year for 2022.


On November 6, 2021, Corrections Officer Mark Coleman was assigned to docket as the Escort Officer. At approximately 1700 hours he was asked to assist Security to help lock the jail down and move black male inmate Griffin to Administration segregation in 102D 1128. After the jail locked down, he also assisted in escorting black male, Griffin to his cell. He searched inmate Griffin’s person and discovered a cell phone in his waistband of his pants, along with a roll of Suboxine and a screwdriver bit in his top pocket. All the items were turned into the Shift Commander Lieutenant A. Pope. CO Coleman works very hard and always pushes others to do the same

In November 2021, Corrections Officer Mark Coleman was our Corrections Officer of the Month at the Mobile County Metro Jail and was also declared the Mobile County District Attorney Office’s Officer of the Month.

Corrections Officer Mark Coleman’s has been with the department for ten (10) years. Corrections Officer Mark Coleman’s continuous efforts and dedication to the furtherance of the mission of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail ensuring the safety of his fellow Corrections Officers as well as to the inmates does not go unnoticed.  The overall value that CO Coleman brings to the Mobile County Metro Jail is immeasurable and for that he is awarded as the Corrections Officer of the Year.  Congratulations Corrections Officer Mark Coleman on being selected as Corrections Officer of the Year 2022.

Award Descriptions

Correction Officer of the Year and Deputy of the Year

Awarded to a member of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office who while serving in his or her official capacity is distinguished by consistent, outstanding, exemplary service to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Civilian Employee of the Year

Awarded to a member of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, who while serving in his/her official capacity is distinguished by consistent, exemplary service to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  This award is based on consistency of performance.

Sheriff’s Combat Cross

Awarded to a member of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office who while serving in his official capacity distinguished himself/herself by an act of extraordinary heroism while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary at imminent personal risk to life.

Meritorious Service

Awarded to a member of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office who while serving in his official capacity, was involved in an act of grave personal danger; or an act which would lead the average reasonable Deputy or Corrections Officer to believe that he was in grave personal danger; and the act was in the intelligent performance of duty, and was not caused primarily by his own negligence or misconduct and does not reflect discredit upon himself or the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Life Saver Award

Awarded to a Deputy or Corrections Officer who with or without risk of sacrifice to his or her own life, took the necessary action to prevent the possible imminent death of a person.

Award of Excellence

Awarded to a member who while serving in his official capacity contributes to a valuable accomplishment that demonstrates special faithfulness, attention to duty or a highly creditable and unusual accomplishment gaining credit to themselves and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Commendation

Awarded to a member who while serving in his official capacity performs his/her duties in an outstanding manner but whose action fails to meet the eligibility for the Award of Excellence.

Sheriff’s Unit Award

This award is presented at the discretion of the Sheriff.  The Sheriff’s Unit award may be presented in recognition of unusual or outstanding service performed by any unit of the Sheriff’s Office.  The purpose of the award is to provide due recognition in of those achievements that rise above and beyond individual efforts.

Community Spirit Award

Awarded by the Sheriff to a deserving employee or group of employees who displayed a sense of Community Spirit by participation in, creation of an event or other endeavor that seeks to make the Community better for all mankind.

Special Thanks to the Honors Committee:

Corrections Lt. Darryl Benard, Corrections Sgt. James Bonner, Corrections Sgt., Keenisha Wallace,

Capt. Terri Hall, Lt. Roy Emmons, Sgt. Lonnie Jackson, David Mark Fox, Lutricia Strange,

Jordan Rhodes, Jennifer Hiestand, Nikki Nicholson, and Monica Hester.

Special Thanks also to Kimble’s Commissary Services