On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, at approximately 1:30 pm, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 7111 Timber Woods Dr, Semmes, in reference to a victim, William Wayne Dearman, 5/21/83, who was shot. The bullet went through his right hand where the projectile exited and then grazed his right lower abdomen. Mr. Dearman was transported to a local hospital.

MCSO Deputies interviewed witnesses who stated that Adam Lamarand, DOB 1/02/1981 shot Dearman and fled to his residence which was down the street, 7310 Timber Woods Ct. Family members who stated they witnessed the shooting, said Dearman returned home from work to retrieve some tools that he needed for his job. Adam Lamarand stopped at Dearman’s house and began to argue while he remained in his car and Dearman in the street. Shortly after arguing began, witnesses say they heard a gun shot and Dearman fled inside his house. Dearman and Witnesses both confirmed the shooters name and where he lived.

MCSO Detectives went to the suspects home, 7310 Timber Woods Ct. During the questioning, the suspect consented to a search of his vehicle. The weapon used in the shooting was discovered in his vehicle. Lamarand stated he was defending himself, however, no weapon was found on the victim.

Lamarand was transported to Metro Jail and charged with Assault 2nd. Lamarand was currently out on a bond from a Criminal Mischief/domestic violence charge