On June 02, 2011 the Youth Investigation Unit of the M.C.S.O. worked jointly with Alabama A.B.C. Agents in an attempt to locate businesses in Mobile County that were selling alcohol to underage minors.  In the operation a minor certified through the A.B.C. Board was sent into twenty one stores in an attempt to purchase alcohol.

 The investigation revealed that the following store sold alcohol to the underage minor:

  1. Wilmer Grocery- 13433 Moffett Rd.  Wilmer, Al.

 The following twenty stores complied with Alabama State law in not selling alcohol to the certified minor:

  1. Citgo, 11734 Moffett Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  2. 98 Express, 13280 Moffett Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  3. Sidetrack, 13500 Tanner Williams Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  4. The Country Store, 13600 Tanner Williams Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  5. Barbara’s Country Store, 14828 Moffett Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  6. Snuffy Smith’s, 14860 Moffett Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  7. Country Breeze, 10135 Lott Rd.  Wilmer, Al.
  8. Bag Um’ Up, 7001 Lott Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  9. Exxon, 6300 Lott Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  10. Circle K, 6111 Lott Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  11. Circle K, 7790 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  12. Kangaroo, 7801 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  13. Roadway, 4150 Camellia Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  14. Winn Dixie, 9082 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  15. Dearmon’s, 5600 Lott Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  16. Lee’s Shell, 9200 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  17. Exxon, 9195 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  18. Circle K, 9879 Moffett Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  19. Country Breeze, 3472 Snow Rd.  Semmes, Al.
  20. M&M Market (Petro), 9965 Wulff Rd.  Semmes, Al.