On December 08, 2011 the Youth Investigation Unit worked jointly with Alabama A.B.C. agents in an attempt to locate businesses in southern Mobile County that were selling alcoholic beverages to minors.  In the operation a minor certified through the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board was sent into twenty six stores in an attempt to purchase alcohol.


The investigation revealed that the following two stores sold alcohol to the minor:


1.     Rand’s Quick Stop, 12352 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

2.     Doug’s Quick Stop #2, 8501 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Theodore, Al.



The investigation revealed that the following twenty four stores complied with Alabama State Law in not selling alcohol to the underage minor:


1.     Liquor Beer Tobacco Store, 5883 Hwy. 90  Theodore, Al.

2.     Exxon, 5891 Hwy. 90  Theodore, Al.

3.     A.B.C. Store, 6941 Bellingrath Rd.  Theodore, Al.

4.     Compac, 6963 Swedetown Rd.  Theodore, Al.

5.     Bairefield’s Quick Stop, 6831 Hwy. 90  St. Elmo, Al.

6.     Palmer’s Quick Stop, 8175 Hwy. 90  St. Elmo, Al.

7.     Driskell’s General Store, 8989 Hwy. 90  St. Elmo, Al.

8.     St. Elmo Petro, 9009 Hwy. 90  St. Elmo, Al.

9.     American Oriental Market, 9091 Hwy. 90 Bldg. 2 Unit A  St. Elmo, Al.

10.Chevron, 11290 Hwy. 90  Grand Bay, Al.

11.GB, 12646 Hwy. 188  Grand Bay, Al.

12.Minute Mart, 12600 Hwy. 188  Grand Bay, Al.

13.Grand Bay Grocery, 12930 Hwy. 90  Grand Bay, Al.

14.Chevron Country Breeze Food Mart #5, 13320 Hwy. 90  Grand Bay, Al.

15.Circle K, 9440 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

16.Shell, 9264 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

17.Texaco, 9175 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

18.C-Pac, 8755 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

19.Kountry Korner, 6000 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd.  Grand Bay, Al.

20.Ruby’s, 10191 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Irvington, Al.

21.Chevron Circle K, 8510 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Theodore, Al.

22.Doug’s Quick Mart, 7402 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Theodore, Al.

23.Jake’s Place, 7350 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Theodore, Al.

24.Mobile Expressway, 6075 Old Pascagoula Rd.  Theodore, Al.