On August 22, 2012 the Youth Investigations Unit worked jointly with the Alabama A.B.C. Agents in an attempt to locate businesses in Mobile County that were selling alcoholic beverages to underage minors.  In the operation a minor, certified through the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board, was sent into twenty-one stores in an attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages. 


“We began the Underage Drinking Task Force over 11 years ago and we are seeing the fruits of our efforts,” says Sheriff Sam Cochran, “law enforcement, parents and the UDTF have assisted in changing social norms in our community and I believe because of those changes we have actually saved lives.”




The following twenty one stores complied with Alabama State Law and did not sell alcohol to the underage minor:


  1. M&D Laundry and Convenience, 7301 Bellingrath Rd. Theodore, Al.
  2. T-Boys BP, 9097 Bellingrath Rd. Theodore, AL.
  3. Chevron, 3565 Laurendine Rd. Theodore, Al.
  4. Fowl River Speedy Mart, 11200 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Theodore, Al.
  5. Port Stop/Citgo, 3210 Hwy. 188 Coden, Al.
  6. Cedar Point Pier, 18250 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Dauphin Island, Al.
  7. Chevron, 1000 Bienville Blvd. Dauphin Island, Al.
  8. Ship and Shore, 401 Lemoyne Dr. Dauphin Island, Al.
  9. Circle K, 1001 Desoto Ave. Dauphin Island, Al.
  10. Jemison’s Bait and Tackle, 168871 Dauphin Island Pkwy. Coden, AL.
  11. Donna’s Grocery, 8631 Hwy 188 Coden, Al.
  12. Coden Grocery, 8481 Hwy 188 Coden, Al
  13. Vien Dnog, 13875 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  14. Value Express, 13845 Tapia Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  15. Bayou Package Store, 13160 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, AL.
  16. Bayou La Batre Southern Comfort, 12993-E Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  17. Raceway, 12986 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  18. Bayou BP, 12905 Wintzell Ave. Bayou La Batre, Al.
  19. Donna’s Grocery #2 10510 Padgett Switch Rd. Irvington, Al.
  20. Chevron / Irvington Food Mart, 9436 Irvington Bayou La Batre Hwy. Irvington, Al.
  21. Palmers Quick Stop, 8175 Hwy 90 Irvington, Al.